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    How do I implement checkpoint restart with C SDK?

    You can use the advanced upload API of C SDK to implement the checkpoint restart feature. To use checkpoint restart, you need to set the upload control parameter to COS_TRUE, for example, clt_params = cos_create_resumable_clt_params_content(p, 0, 1, COS_TRUE, NULL).

    Why does the HttpIOError error occur when I use C SDK?

    Error description: When you use the SDK, all APIs cannot be used or return requestid. By analyzing the captured packets, you find that no HTTP requests are sent successfully as shown in the following logs:

    transport failure curl code:1 error:Unsupported protocol
    status->code: -996
    status->error_code: HttpIoError
    status->error_msg: Unsupported protocol

    This error occurs because the HTTPS protocol is used, but the libcurl library doesn't support HTTPS. Therefore, the OpenSSL library is not used or the versions mismatch during libcurl compilation.
    Solution: Check the running environment and reinstall the libcurl library (if you install it by compiling the source code, enable SSL) or update the OpenSSL library.

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