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Tagging Bucket - bucket-tagging

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    The bucket-tagging command is used to create (modify), get, and delete bucket tags. One bucket can have up to 50 tags.

    Command Syntax

    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method [method] cos://<bucket-name> [tag_key]#[tag_value]

    bucket-tagging includes the following parameters:

    Parameter Format Description Example
    cos://<bucket-name> Specifies the target bucket, which is accessible by using the bucket alias or bucket name configured in the configuration file as detailed in Download and Installation Configuration. If you use the bucket name for access, you also need to include the endpoint flag. Access with the bucket alias: cos://example-alias
    Access with the bucket name: cos://examplebucket-1250000000

    The bucket-tagging command contains the following optional flags:

    Flag Abbreviation Flag Name Description
    -h --help Views the usage of this command.
    None --method Specifies the operation to be performed, including put (adding tags), get (querying tags), and delete (deleting tags).

    For other common options of this command (such as switching bucket and user account), see Common Options.

    Adding or Modifying Bucket Tag

    A bucket tag is represented by a key-value pair. Only the bucket owner and users with the PutBucketTagging permission can add or modify bucket tags. Error message “403 AccessDenied” will be returned for other users.

    Command syntax

    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method put cos://bucketAlias key1#value1 key2#value2

    Here, key#value represents the tag key-value pair separated by #. If the bucket does not have a tag, this command will add the specified tag to the bucket; otherwise, it will overwrite the original tag.


    To configure two tags with the keys of 1 and 2 as well as values of 111 and 222 respectively for the bucket with alias example-alias, run the following command:

    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method put cos://exmaple-alias 1#111 2#222

    Querying Bucket Tags

    Command syntax

    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method get cos://bucketAlias


    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method get cos://exmaple-alias

    The following output shows that the bucket with alias example-alias has two tags with the keys of 1 and 2 as well as values of 111 and 222 respectively.

      KEY | VALUE  
        1 |   111  
        2 |   222 

    Deleting Bucket Tags

    Command syntax

    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method delete cos://bucketAlias


    ./coscli bucket-tagging --method delete cos://exmaple-alias
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