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Last updated: 2024-05-09 14:53:09

    3.0.0 @2023.6.25

    New features
    A better, safer, more powerful, and more flexible SDK built with new architecture. See @tencentcloud/chat.

    2.25.0 @2022.12.8

    New features
    Added clearHistoryMessage API to clear messages from local storage and the cloud.
    Supported message extension (Premium edition feature).
    Supported ordinary group and community group attributes.
    Supported compatibility with wx.chooseMedia
    Supported one-to-one message read receipts, whose data structure is aligned with that of native Chat SDK, in Message.readReceiptInfo.
    Added the 2101 error code: Users who are not members of the audio-video group cannot send messages to the audio-video group.
    The log reporting backup channel uses a dedicated cluster domain name https://events.im.qcloud.com (a trusted domain configuration must be added to the platform).
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the runtime error (Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document) caused by cookies blocked.

    2.24.1 @2022.11.11

    New features
    Added the English version of the declaration TS file.
    RESTful APIs support pushing custom profile field modifications to the SDK.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the abnormal results returned in certain scenarios for getMessageListHopping.

    2.24.0 @2022.11.3

    New features
    Supported mini game environment integration.
    Added the local audit feature to the local audit plugin tim-profanity-filter-plugin.
    getFriendProfile: added support for pulling custom friend and profile fields by default for better user experience.
    getGroupApplicationList: added support for pulling the list of all group joining requests.
    RESTful APIs support pushing custom field modifications to the SDK.
    Supported sending topic messages that are excluded from the unread count.
    Supported sending common community messages that are excluded from the unread count.
    Message sending supports VoIP Push.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed friend profile related issues.

    2.23.1 @2022.9.29

    New features
    createTextMessage: Supported creating a targeted group message, which is sent to specified members in a group and cannot be received by other members in the group.
    Supported sending videos in MOV format.
    RESTful API Updating Friends: Supported pushing to SDK.
    getFriendProfile: Supported pulling custom friend and profile fields.
    getConversationList: Added the isSyncCompleted field to the return data to indicate whether synchronizing the conversation list from the cloud is completed.
    The receiving of a message from the community to which a topic belongs can be notified to the access side through the MESSAGE_RECEIVED event.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where roaming messages could not be pulled for some group conversations when the number of groups in the group list exceeded the upper limit of 5,000.
    Fixed the issue where, when setConversationCustomData was called to set custom fields for a conversation, customData of the conversation was '' after the user logged in again.

    2.23.0 @2022.9.16

    New features
    The SDK supports environments outside the Chinese mainland.
    Added getTotalUnreadMessageCount API to get the total unread message count of a conversation.
    Added the TOTAL_UNREAD_MESSAGE_COUNT_UPDATED event. By listening for this event, the access side can receive notifications of a change in the total unread count.
    Added markGroupMemberList API to mark a member of an audio-video group (Premium edition required).
    When a member is removed from a group, or a group is deleted, the SDK updates the conversation group to which the group conversation belongs at the same time.
    Supported independent subpackaging.
    Web: When an account logged in on multiple instances, the SDK proactively recovers the message history of the most recent contacts after network reconnection to ensure message reliability.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the out-of-sync issue of the conversation lastMessage recall state that may occur in multi-instance login web scenarios.
    Fixed the issue of pinning conversations to the top when recent contacts were synchronized.

    2.22.0 @2022.8.18

    New features
    Supported packaging the uni-app into the native app for offline push. For details, see registerPlugin.
    Supported getting the list of online members of an audio-video group. For details, see getGroupMemberList (Premium edition required).
    Supported blocking a member of an audio-video group. For details, see deleteGroupMember (Premium edition required).
    Added setConversationCustomData to set custom conversation data.
    Added markConversation to mark a conversation (Premium edition required).
    Added getConversationGroupList to get the list of conversation groups (Premium edition required).
    Added createConversationGroup to create a conversation group (Premium edition required).
    Added deleteConversationGroup to delete a conversation group (Premium edition required).
    Added renameConversationGroup to rename a conversation group (Premium edition required).
    Added addConversationsToGroup to add a conversation to a conversation group (Premium edition required).
    Added deleteConversationsFromGroup to delete a conversation from a conversation group (Premium edition required).
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where the unread count of a topic was not updated after a topic message recall notification was received.

    2.21.2 @2022.8.8

    New features
    Supported creating and sending audio messages on web clients.
    Added the ID field to messages combined to the createMergerMessage API for creating a combined message.

    2.21.1 @2022.8.3

    Bug fixing
    Fixed the message duplication problem that resendMessage can cause.

    2.21.0 @2022.7.28

    New features
    Added setSelfStatus to set one's own custom status.
    Added getUserStatus to query a user's status.
    Added subscribeUserStatus to subscribe to a user's status.
    Added unsubscribeUserStatus to unsubscribe from a user's status.
    Added a feature of setMessageRemindType: Synchronizing the settings of group and topic message muting across clients and instances.
    Added a feature of createFileMessage: Sending a file message.
    Added a feature of modifyMessage: Modifying cloudCustomData for messages of all types.
    Added the isBroadcastMessage field to Message to support broadcast messages for audio-video groups.
    Supported synchronizing group joining options across terminals and instances.
    Supported @ all members for an ordinary community and its topics and lastMessage for topics.
    Webworker is enabled by default in the international website and private environment when the browser supports webworker.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where lastMessage.payload was set to undefined when receiving a message without updating the conversation's lastMessage.
    Fixed the compensation for group messages caused by online messages did not start.
    Fixed the group roaming message pulling exception that occurred after a user frequently left a group and joined the group again.
    Fixed the issue where the lag in pulling the group list by page caused the result of pulling group conversation roaming messages to be an empty array.
    Fixed known topic issues.

    2.20.1 @2022.6.27

    Aligned with the native SDK experience, where only group records are deleted and group conversations are not deleted after users leave or are kicked out of a non-audio-video group or the group is deleted.
    Made deleteMessage unable to delete group system notifications; if a deletion attempt is made, an error message will be reported.
    Supported HTTP for rich media messages of the on-premises deployment.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where group conversations were occasionally lost during the switch between the foreground and background.
    Fixed the issue where the lastMessage of a one-to-one conversation was abnormally updated.

    2.20.0 @2022.6.9

    New features
    Added modifyMessage to modify a message.
    Added getMessageListHopping to pull the conversation message list by specified sequence or time range.
    Supported read receipts for one or more one-to-one messages (Premium edition required).
    Added the isPeerRead field for lastMessage of a one-to-one conversation to indicate whether a message was read by the receiver.
    Excluded group tips from the unread count of a conversation.
    Optimized getMessageList to pull the roaming messages.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where the conversation list was not updated due to parameter issues after the deleteMessage API was called successfully.
    Fixed the issue where Cannot add property markTimeline, Object is not extensible occurred during debugging on real devices of some models.

    2.19.1 @2022.5.7

    New features
    Supported topic creation in a community for stronger interactions.
    Added getJoinedCommunityList to get the list of topic-enabled communities.
    Added createTopicInCommunity to create a topic.
    Added deleteTopicFromCommunity to delete a topic.
    Added updateTopicProfile to set the topic profile.
    Added getTopicList to get the topic list.
    Added the TIM.EVENT.TOPIC_CREATED event, which will be triggered when a topic is created.
    Added the TIM.EVENT.TOPIC_DELETED event, which will be triggered when a topic is deleted.
    Added the TIM.EVENT.TOPIC_UPDATED event, which will be triggered when the topic profile is updated.

    2.18.2 @2022.4.22

    Optimized the audio-video group user experience.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where the statistics in certain use cases were inaccurate.
    Fixed the issue where the result returned by the getGroupMessageReadMemberList API was inaccurate.

    2.18.0 @2022.4.8

    New features
    Added sendMessageReadReceipt for sending group message read receipts.
    Added getMessageReadReceiptList for pulling the list of group message read receipts.
    Added getGroupMessageReadMemberList for pulling the list of members who have (or have not) read a group message.
    Added findMessage for querying local messages in a specified conversation by messageID.
    Aligned with the native Chat experience of the conversation unread count change after a message is recalled.
    The rule for concatenating the message ID is ${senderTinyID}-${clientTime}-${random}, which is the same as that for concatenating the message ID of native Chat.
    When the SDK is in the not ready state, specific reasons are provided for the access side.
    Bug fixing
    After a group member was removed from a group, the Conversation.groupProfile.memberCount value that other group members obtained from the CONVERSATION_LIST_UPDATED event callback was not updated.

    2.17.0 @2022.3.2

    New features
    Supports group notifications for recent contacts' Conversation.lastMessage.
    Message.payload.memberList supports getting the nickname, profile photo, and other information of group members who joined or left a group.
    Supports WEBP images for image message sending.
    Supports video cover snapshotUrl for video message sending.
    Improved message transmission efficiency and reduced events such as CONVERSATION_LIST_UPDATED.
    Bug fixing
    After a user sent a message with custom data (cloudCustomData), cloudCustomData was empty when the user logged in again.
    When a user logged in again after a login failure, the SDK reported the error of repeated login.
    After getGroupProfile was called, Conversation.groupProfile was inconsistent with the latest group profile.

    2.16.3 @2022.2.11

    Bug fixing
    Fixed login failures that occurred when a Windows client accessed after a packaged Android application (on some devices).

    2.16.2 @2022.2.10

    New features
    Supports sending file messages after uni-app packages native apps.
    Supports the international website in India.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed some emoji rendering issues.

    2.16.1 @2022.1.14

    New features
    Added support for Alipay to send .image images.
    When deleteConversation is called to delete a conversation, historical messages in the conversation are deleted as well.
    Bug fixing
    An error occurred when the downstream file message fileName was an empty string.
    Fixed the issue caused by the group attribute API call sequence.
    The __wxConfig is not defined issue occurred when uni-app packaged apps to Baidu and other platforms.

    2.16.0 @2022.1.5

    New features
    setMessageRemindType supports setting the Mute Notifications mode for C2C conversations.
    setAllMessageRead supports quickly marking unread messages of all conversations as read.
    sendMessage supports excluding sent messages from the conversation's unread message count and not updating the conversation's lastMessage.
    Allows new members of an audio-video group to view historical messages before joining the group (you must activate the Premium edition package to use the feature).
    The SDK uses the strict mode.
    The conversations with deleted accounts are filtered out for the conversation list.
    Optimized the update timing of nick and avatar for roaming messages.
    When receiving peer (friend) profile update information, the SDK updates conversation.userProfile accordingly.
    Bug fixing
    WebSocket persistent connections were disconnected abnormally due to non-UTF-8 characters.
    The runtime error e.getOnlineOnlyFlag is not a function occurred when a copied message was passed in to call deleteMessage.
    After deleteMessage was called, the lastMessage of the corresponding conversation was not correctly updated.
    An error occurred when calculating the unread message count of one-to-one conversations.
    Rendering exceptions occurred if nick and avatar were not carried in real-time messages of one-to-one conversations.
    lastMessage.payload was occasionally null for conversations.
    Pre-signed image thumbnail upload URLs did not take effect.
    When a user mentioned (@) a group member and logged in again to pull roaming messages, the corresponding message.atUserList was an empty array.
    An error occurred when group notifications (group owner changing) are processed.
    Some statistics errors.

    2.15.0 @2021.10.29

    New features
    Supports the international website.
    createLocationMessage supports sending geographical location messages.
    Supports uploading images, videos, documents for easy download and preview (compatible with uniapp).
    Added the nick and nameCard parameters to the lastMessage data structure of Conversation to better display the sender’s information of the lastMessage in a group chat.
    getConversationList supports getting multiple specified conversations at a time.
    Increases the stability of persistent connections.
    Bug fixing
    The CONVERSATION_LIST_UPDATED event was not sent after login when there was no conversation list cache or no pagination for recent contacts.
    In some scenarios, the isCompleted parameter was always false in the response to the call of the getMessageList API.
    The index parameter was missing on the recipient side when index was set to 0 in the call of the createFaceMessage API.

    2.14.0 @2021.9.24

    New features
    pinConversation supports pinning a conversation to the top.
    initGroupAttributes and other group attribute related APIs support seat management for audio chat rooms.
    When a group message is sent, the SDK automatically adds the nameCard attribute to the message body to facilitate display on the access side.
    Forced logout due to multi-client login or multi-instance login no longer triggers server-side logout callbacks.
    Bug fixing
    When roaming messages were pulled in one-to-one conversations, messages occasionally got lost.
    Group joining remarks (applyMessage) were missing.

    2.13.1 @2021.8.27

    When a user consecutively calls the login API before login, error code 2025 is returned, indicating repeated login.
    After WebSocket reconnection, the SDK logs in the user again and synchronizes unread messages to ensure message reliability.
    Bug fixing
    When a user consecutively called the login API before login, the unread message count of the conversation was incorrect.
    If nameCard passed in an empty string when the setGroupMemberNameCard API was called, the SDK reported an error.
    When the getGroupMemberList API was called, the value of muteUntil in the packet returned was incorrect.

    2.13.0 @2021.8.23

    New features
    Supports friend relationship chain. For more information, see Usage Guide.
    Bug fixing
    An error was occasionally reported when WebSocket persistent connections were disconnected.

    2.12.2 @2021.8.6

    New features
    Supported video upload progress callback.
    The unread message count of a conversation no longer includes the group notifications about not saving the modifications on custom group fields to the roaming server.
    Bug fixing
    Users in an audio-video group occasionally failed to receive group notifications on the group joining by themselves.
    When a user used a RESTful API to send C2C messages with random being set to 0, the receiver triggered the MESSAGE_RECEIVED event twice.

    2.12.1 @2021.7.20

    New features
    Supports counting unread messages in meeting groups.
    The TIM.EVENT.MESSAGE_MODIFIED event is added. When a third-party calls back a modified message, the SDK uses this event to notify the message sender of the message modification.
    Bug fixing
    Fixed the issue where group roaming messages occasionally get lost when they are pulled.
    Fixed the xx.toFixed is not a function issue that may occur during uni-app integration.

    2.12.0 @2021.7.5

    New features
    deleteMessage supports deleting messages.
    During conversation list synchronization, lastMessage can be set to a recalled message.
    getGroupMemberList supports pulling the group joining time joinTime.
    Bug fixing The nick value is incorrect in the notifications sent when a user is set or canceled as the admin.

    2.11.2 @2021.6.16

    New features
    Supports WebSocket. WebSocket Upgrade Guide
    Allows uni-app to send image, video, and other file messages.

    2.10.2 @2021.4.27

    New features
    The custom field cloudCustomData can be set during message creation to meet diverse business needs.
    When createGroup or addGroupMember is called, if a single user exceeds the maximum number of groups a single user can join, use overLimitUserIDList to notify the access side.
    Bug fixing
    After an audio-video group (AVChatRoom) was created in the console and a group owner was specified, messages sent by the RESTful API for Sending System Messages in a Group would be repeated on the group owner side after the group owner joined the group.
    Nickname was missing when createForwardMessage was called.
    Occasional errors occurred when downloadMergerMessage was called.

    2.10.1 @2021.3.19

    New features
    The createMergerMessage API for creating combined messages.
    The createForwardMessage API for creating forward messages.
    When an account logs in on multiple instances or clients, once conversation read is reported on one instance or client, the unread count of the conversation will be synchronously cleared on the web client.
    The MTA statistics feature is deprecated.
    Bug fixing
    Web: when an account logged in on multiple instances, the profile photo and nickname of the other party in a one-to-one conversation were incorrect.
    When you called back and called the RESTful API to recall messages frequently after sending messages, some of them were not recalled correctly.

    2.9.3 @2021.2.3

    If a user hasn't joined a group (not an audio-video group), calling quitGroup will return error code 2623, indicating that the user is not in the group.
    Bug fixing
    avatar (profile photo) or nick (nickname) was inconsistent in the one-to-one conversation message list.

    2.9.2 @2021.1.26

    New features
    Supports sending and receiving one-to-one messages with avatar (profile photo) and nick (nickname) displayed.
    Supports the Tencent Cloud Chat upload plugin tim-upload-plugin. This plugin enables more secure file upload, supports web, Baidu, Toutiao, and Alipay platforms, and is merely 26 KB. For more information, see registerPlugin.
    Bug fixing
    When a user joined an audio-video group anonymously after logging out, the error code 70402 was returned in the response packet during a long polling.
    The browser environment was misjudged during Taro 3.0+ integration.
    When the image type and size verification failed, there were errors in the returned data structure.

    2.9.1 @2020.12.23

    Bug fixing
    A compilation error occurred when tim-wx-sdk.js was imported into the basic library 2.14.1 of Developer Tools.

    2.9.0 @2020.12.15

    New features
    The createTextAtMessage API allows users to specify @ a specific member or @ all members during a group chat.
    Message adds the namecard attribute to display group members’ group name cards (i.e., their nicknames in a group).

    2.8.5 @2020.11.23

    The logout API can be called when the SDK is not ready.
    Bug fixing
    Errors occurred in SDK operations when read receipts and read notifications existed at the same time.
    Attempts to anonymously re-join an audio-video group after logout failed.
    The group list was cleared abnormally.

    2.8.4 @2020.11.4

    New features
    The Baidu, Toutiao, and Alipay platforms are supported (currently on the Baidu, Toutiao, and Alipay platforms, image, video, or file messages, or other messages that need to be uploaded to COS, cannot be sent).
    The third-party frameworks of MPX and uni-app are supported.

    2.8.1 @2020.10.29

    New features
    Images in BMP format can be sent.
    unreadCount and lastMessage of the conversation object are not updated when the sender sends an online message and the recipient receives the online message.
    Bug fixing
    The SDK could not enter the ready state due to problems synchronizing the list of recent contacts.

    2.8.0 @2020.10.20

    New features
    getGroupOnlineMemberCount supports querying the number of online users in an audio-video group.
    Supports image compression. The access side can choose to display the original image or thumbnail based on business requirements. For more information, see ImagePayload.
    Bug fixing
    Compatibility issues when Taro 3.x integrates WebIM
    SDK size reduction. The size of tim-js-sdk is reduced by 8.5%, and that of tim-wx-sdk is reduced by 15%.

    2.7.8 @2020.9.24

    New features
    The TIM.create API adds the oversea parameter. When this parameter is set to true, the SDK uses a domain name outside the Chinese mainland to avoid interference.
    Bug fixing
    The return value for calling relevant APIs was undefined when the SDK was in the not ready state.
    Issues related to statistics

    2.7.7 @2020.8.12

    New features
    The TIM.EVENT.SDK_RELOAD event was added.
    Bug fixing
    Audio-video groups occasionally failed to pull messages in cases where the network was reconnected after a long disconnection.
    The type and value of imageFormat of an image message were inconsistent with those of the actual image.
    The nicknames displayed in work groups and public groups were incorrect.

    2.7.6 @2020.7.9

    Bug fixing
    Messages occasionally failed to be pulled if an audio-video group (AVChatRoom) was used for a long time.

    2.7.5 @2020.7.2

    Bug fixing
    After the RESTful API for creating a work group was called to create a work group successfully and the group members were specified, messages from group members would fail to be sent.

    2.7.2 @2020.6.30

    Bug fixing
    Occasionally, when joinGroup was called, the SDK prompted "Already in the group" but in fact the user was not in the group. Consequently, the user could not send or receive messages.
    The count of messages sent in a temporary meeting group was incorrect.

    2.7.0 @2020.6.8

    New features
    Supports one-to-one message read receipts (indicating whether the peer has read your messages). For more information, see the event TIM.EVENT.MESSAGE_READ_BY_PEER. In a message that has already been read by the peer, the value of isPeerRead is true.
    Bug fixing
    After a user joined a chat room (ChatRoom), the newly created conversation did not display the last message.
    After login, a user who had not joined an audio-video group (AVChatRoom) could still send a message to the audio-video group (AVChatRoom).

    2.6.6 @2020.5.27

    Bug fixing
    In audio-video groups (AVChatRoom), messages were occasionally repeatedly displayed on the screen.
    An error was reported when getMessageList received an empty message.
    If login was called again after logout, error 70001 occasionally occurred when joinGroup was called.

    2.6.4 @2020.5.8

    New features
    The sendMessage API added the sending option to support the sending of online messages (no offline or roaming messages; cannot be used for AVChatRoom or BChatRoom) and the configuration of offline push.

    2.6.3 @2020.4.26

    Bug fixing
    Message content was lost because the input payload.data payload.extension type of createCustomMessage is incorrect.
    Multiple messages contained in a response to a single request were disordered.
    The unread count could not be cleared occasionally after the read count is reported because the number of unread one-to-one conversions overflows.
    TIM.EVENT.ERRORevent.data.code and event.data.undefined were undefined occasionally.

    2.6.2 @2020.4.16

    New features
    updateGroupProfile supports muting and unmuting all.
    getGroupMemberList supports getting the group member muting deadline timestamp muteUntil.
    Bug fixing
    The unread count could not be cleared when the latest group message was a group prompt.

    2.6.1 @2020.4.8

    Bug fixing
    Files could not be uploaded occasionally when the uploaded COS signature was invalid and not updated in a timely manner.

    2.6.0 @2020.3.30

    New features
    The web client supports creating and sending video messages of up to 100 MB by calling createVideoMessage.
    The nick and avatar attributes are added to Message to display the nickname and profile photo address of the message sender in an audio-video group (AVChatRoom). You need to set the nickname and profile photo address in advance by calling updateMyProfile.
    Web: when an account logs in on multiple instances, the one-to-one message recall notification can be synchronized across these instances.
    After updateGroupProfile is called to successfully modify custom group fields, group members can receive group notifications and obtain related content Message.payload.newGroupProfile.groupCustomField.
    Bug fixing
    Errors occurred occasionally when the getGroupList API was called.

    2.5.2 @2020.3.13

    When searchGroupByID fails, the log level is degraded to warning and the prompt text is modified.
    Bug fixing
    Anonymous users or visitors failed to join TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM groups and had statistical problems.
    Other known issues

    2.5.1 @2020.3.5

    When login is successful, the key-value pair repeatLogin: true is added for the imResponse.data callback object to identify repeated login of a login account.
    Bug fixing
    The priority of messages received at the receiver side of an audio-video group is different from that set on the sender side.

    2.5.0 @2020.2.28

    New features
    The network status change event TIM.EVENT.NET_STATE_CHANGE is added, and the access side can make related prompts and guidance based on this event.
    ChangesError codes are reduced and optimized.
    Bug fixing
    After an audio-video group was created in the console and a group owner was specified, messages sent by other group members will be repeated on the group owner side after the group owner joins the group.
    When groups were created and terminated in the console or using a RESTful API frequently, the SDK did not deliver the TIM.EVENT.GROUP_SYSTEM_NOTICE_RECEIVED event.
    getMessageList failed to get the group message list occasionally.

    2.4.2 @2020.2.7

    New featuresMessage priorities, enumerated values, and use cases can be set for group messages.

    2.4.1 @2020.1.14

    Anonymous users or visitors can only join TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM groups.
    Bug fixing
    Some online messages could not be pulled occasionally.
    After a system notification from an audio-video group was received, the TIM.EVENT.MESSAGE_RECEIVED event was not delivered.
    In some scenarios, the group message recall result was inaccurate.
    Other known issues

    2.4.0 @2020.1.3

    New features
    The revokeMessage API is added.
    The isRevoked attribute is added to Message. The attribute value true identifies recalled messages.
    The message recall event notification TIM.EVENT.MESSAGE_REVOKED is added.
    The maximum size of files uploaded through createFileMessage is increased from 20 MB to 100 MB.
    msgMemberInfo and shutupTime of group prompts will be deprecated. Use memberList and muteTime instead.
    The Chat smart customer service entry is added to the console.
    Bug fixing
    Listening events could not be canceled by calling the off API.
    The value and type of the isRead attribute in Message were incorrect.
    The error code and error message were incorrect when the video file in a sent video message exceeded the maximum size.
    The content of updated custom fields was incorrect occasionally.
    The JOIN_STATUS_ALREADY_IN_GROUP event occurred occasionally when a user logged in and joined an audio-video group.
    core-js caused potential performance issues.

    2.3.2 @2019.12.18

    Bug fixing Messages were lost in combined messages obtained using getMessageList.

    2.3.1 @2019.12.13

    New features
    createImageMessage and createFileMessage support passing in File objects.
    The createFaceMessage API is added to create emoji messages.
    The message notification efficiency for TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM groups is optimized to improve the user experience.
    When messages fail to be sent, the SDK returns the actual error codes and error messages.
    When logout is called, only the message channel of the current instance logs out.
    When a callback function passed in by the access side is encapsulated for security purposes and the logic of the callback function is incorrect, errors can be captured and located quickly.
    The SDK provides Chinese error information when Chat server-side error codes are received.
    Bug fixing
    TIM.EVENT.CONVERSATION_LIST_UPDATED was triggered several times when a message was sent.
    The SDK reported errors when files, such as images were uploaded if registerPlugin was not called or incorrect parameters were entered.
    Long polling did not stop after a TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM group was disbanded.
    When "multi-instance" or "multi-client" login was enabled, other instances or clients failed to receive messages after a web instance was logged out.
    The SDK reported errors occasionally due to the structure of session lists that were pulled.

    2.2.1 @2019.11.28

    Changes The logic for getting group roaming messages is optimized.
    Bug fixing
    The SDK reported error code 2901 after the group owner of an audio-video group modified the group profile.
    After the group admin processed apps for joining a group, processed apps can be received after refresh.

    2.2.0 @2019.11.21

    New features
    Support creating and sending video messages via the createVideoMessage API. Video messages can be synced across platforms. You need to update to the latest versions of the TUIKit and SDK.
    The getGroupMemberProfile API is added.
    Compatible with audio and file messages sent by Native Chat SDK v3.x.
    Location messages GeoPayload can be received.
    Changes Up to 100 groups can be written to local storage. The SDK does not write the full group list when there are more than 100 groups.
    Bug fixing
    Long polling of TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM groups continues after logout.
    The group contact cards in message instances of TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM groups did not have values.
    Errors were reported when Internet Explorer 10 was used.
    Users could not join groups anonymously.

    2.1.4 @2019.11.7

    When the Promise status returned by an SDK API is rejected, the SDK no longer delivers a TIM.EVENT.ERROR event.
    Updates to a user's profile are immediately written to the local cache.
    Bug fixing
    Code running failed after SDK integration when Angular zone.js modified prototype chains.
    After a group owner created and joined a TIM.TYPES.GRP_AVCHATROOM group, the group owner could not receive messages.
    Initialization failed when the group list was excessively large.

    2.1.3 @2019.10.31

    Changes Combined messages (multiple message elements in one message) sent via RESTful API calls or the legacy Chat version are compatible. For more information, see Compatibility Guide.
    Bug fixing
    The unread count was inaccurate.
    Messages were disordered because read messages were not reported.
    Empty image messages were sent successfully but could not be rendered. The SDK did not support sending empty image messages.
    Empty file messages were sent with incorrect message status. The SDK did not support sending empty file messages.
    SDK code errors were reported occasionally when getGroupMemberList was called.

    2.1.2 @2019.10.25

    New featuresgetGroupList supports pulling group profile information, including the group owner ID and group member count.
    Bug fixing
    SDK code errors were reported when a RESTful API is used to send custom group notifications in an audio-video chat room.
    The SDK did not send a request to pull historical messages when a user re-joined a left group and called the getMessageList API.
    SDK code errors were reported when upload failed.

    2.1.1 @2019.10.18

    New features Support sending audio messages. Audio messages can be synced across platforms. You need to update to the latest versions of the TUIKit and SDK.
    Bug fixinggetMessageList could still pull historical messages in a quit group after rejoining.

    2.1.0 @2019.10.16

    New features
    Web supported receiving audio messages.
    Web supported receiving video messages.
    The getMessageList API can pull up to 15 messages at a time.
    TIM.TYPES.MSG_SOUND is deprecated and replaced by TIM.TYPES.MSG_AUDIO.
    Bug fixing
    getMessageList could not pull messages in deleted group chats.
    Group system notifications did not contain group names.
    When a conversation was created after receiving a new message, the conversion did not have the profile of the message sender.

    2.0.11 @2019.10.12

    Bug fixing Image messages failed to be sent under the React framework.

    2.0.9 @2019.9.19

    New features The actual width and height of an image are detected before the image message is sent.
    The HTTPS protocol is used by default.
    TIM.EVENT.GROUP_SYSTEM_NOTICE_RECEIVED events are sent when new group system notifications are received.
    Bug fixing
    Flickering screen occurred after an image message is sent.
    JPG or other images failed to be sent.
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