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SDK APIs (Unity)

Last updated: 2023-02-02 15:27:44

    For API details, see here.

    Conversation APIs

    API Description
    ConvCancelDraft Cancels a draft of a conversation.
    ConvDelete Deletes a conversation.
    ConvGetConvInfo Gets the information of conversations.
    ConvGetConvList Gets the conversation list.
    ConvGetTotalUnreadMessageCount Gets the total unread count of all conversations.
    ConvPinConversation Pins a conversation to the top.
    ConvSetDraft Sets a draft for a conversation.

    Relationship Chain APIs

    API Description
    FriendshipAddFriend Adds a friend.
    FriendshipAddToBlackList Adds a user to the blocklist.
    FriendshipCheckFriendType Checks the friend type.
    FriendshipCreateFriendGroup Creates a friend list.
    FriendshipDeleteFriend Deletes a friend.
    FriendshipDeleteFriendGroup Deletes a friend list.
    FriendshipDeleteFromBlackList Removes a user from the blocklist.
    FriendshipDeletePendency Deletes a pending friend request.
    FriendshipGetBlackList Gets the blocklist.
    FriendshipGetFriendGroupList Gets the information of a friend list.
    FriendshipGetFriendProfileList Gets the profiles of all friends.
    FriendshipGetFriendsInfo Gets the information of friends.
    FriendshipGetPendencyList Gets the list of pending group requests.
    FriendshipHandleFriendAddRequest Handles a friend request.
    FriendshipModifyFriendGroup Modifies a friend list.
    FriendshipModifyFriendProfile Modifies the profile of a friend.
    FriendshipReportPendencyReaded Reports that a pending friend request is read.
    FriendshipSearchFriends Searches for friends.

    Group APIs

    API Description
    GroupCreate Creates a group.
    GroupCreateTopicInCommunity Creates a topic.
    GroupDelete Disbands a group.
    GroupDeleteGroupAttributes Deletes custom group attributes.
    GroupDeleteMember Deletes a group member.
    GroupDeleteTopicFromCommunity Deletes a topic.
    GroupGetGroupAttributes Gets group attributes.
    GroupGetGroupInfoList Gets group information.
    GroupGetJoinedCommunityList Gets the list of community groups the current user has joined.
    GroupGetJoinedGroupList Gets the list of groups that a user has joined.
    GroupGetMemberInfoList Gets group member information.
    GroupGetOnlineMemberCount Gets the number of online group members.
    GroupGetPendencyList Gets the list of pending group requests.
    GroupGetTopicInfoList Gets the list of topics.
    GroupHandlePendency Handles pending group requests.
    GroupInitGroupAttributes Initializes custom group attributes.
    GroupInviteMember Invites a user to join a group.
    GroupJoin Joins a group.
    GroupModifyGroupInfo Modifies group information.
    GroupModifyMemberInfo Modifies group member information.
    GroupQuit Leaves a group.
    GroupReportPendencyReaded Reports that a pending group request is read.
    GroupSearchGroupMembers Searches for group members.
    GroupSearchGroups Searches for group profiles.
    GroupSetGroupAttributes Sets group attributes.
    GroupSetTopicInfo Modifies topic information.

    Chat SDK Initialization APIs

    API Description
    GetSDKVersion Gets the version of the underlying library of the Chat SDK.
    GetServerTime Gets the server time (seconds).
    Init Initializes the Chat SDK.
    SetConfig Sets global configuration.
    Uninit Uninitializes the Chat SDK.

    Login APIs

    API Description
    GetLoginStatus Gets the current login status.
    GetLoginUserID Gets the ID of the current login user.
    Login Logs in.
    Logout Logs out.

    Message APIs

    API Description
    GetMsgGroupMessageReadMemberList Gets the list of members who have read the group message.
    MsgBatchSend Sends a message to multiple users at a time.
    MsgCancelSend Cancels the sending of a message.
    MsgClearHistoryMessage Clears historical messages.
    MsgDelete Deletes the messages of a conversation.
    MsgDoBackground This API can be called when the app detects that the app switches to the background.
    MsgDoForeground This API can be called when the app detects that the app switches to the foreground.
    MsgDownloadElemToPath Downloads a multimedia message.
    MsgDownloadMergerMessage Downloads a combined message.
    MsgFindByMsgLocatorList Locates a message by using a message locator.
    MsgFindMessages Locates local messages.
    MsgGetC2CReceiveMessageOpt Gets the message receiving option for a one-to-one chat.
    MsgGetMessageReadReceipts Gets message read receipts.
    MsgGetMsgList Gets the historical message list of a conversation.
    MsgImportMsgList Imports messages.
    MsgListDelete Deletes messages.
    MsgMarkAllMessageAsRead Marks all messages as read.
    MsgModifyMessage Modifies a message.
    MsgReportReaded Reports that a one-to-one message is read.
    MsgRevoke Recalls a message.
    MsgSaveMsg Saves a message.
    MsgSearchLocalMessages Searches for local messages.
    MsgSendMessage Sends a message.
    MsgSendMessageReadReceipts Sends message read receipts.
    MsgSetC2CReceiveMessageOpt Sets the one-to-one message receiving option.
    MsgSetGroupReceiveMessageOpt Sets the group message receiving option.
    MsgSetLocalCustomData Sets local message data.
    MsgSetOfflinePushToken Sets offline push configuration.

    User Profile APIs

    API Description
    GetUserStatus Queries a user's status.
    ProfileGetUserProfileList Gets the profiles of specified users.
    ProfileModifySelfUserProfile Modifies one's own profile.
    SetSelfStatus Sets one's own status.
    SubscribeUserStatus Subscribes to a user's status.
    UnsubscribeUserStatus Unsubscribes from a user's status.

    SDK Callback Registration APIs

    API Description
    AddRecvNewMsgCallback Adds the callback for receiving new messages.
    RemoveRecvNewMsgCallback Removes the callback for receiving new messages.
    SetConvEventCallback Sets the callback for conversation events.
    SetConvTotalUnreadMessageCountChangedCallback Sets the callback for a change in the total unread message count of conversations.
    SetFriendAddRequestCallback Sets the callback for friend requests.
    SetFriendApplicationListDeletedCallback Sets the callback for deleting a friend request.
    SetFriendApplicationListReadCallback Sets the callback for reading a friend request.
    SetFriendBlackListAddedCallback Sets the callback for adding a friend to the blocklist.
    SetFriendBlackListDeletedCallback Sets the callback for removing a friend from the blocklist.
    SetGroupAttributeChangedCallback Sets the callback for a group attribute change.
    SetGroupTipsEventCallback Sets the callback for group system messages.
    SetGroupTopicChangedCallback Sets the callback for topic updates.
    SetGroupTopicCreatedCallback Sets the callback for topic creation.
    SetGroupTopicDeletedCallback Sets the callback for topic deletion.
    SetKickedOfflineCallback Sets the callback for notifications of forced logout.
    SetLogCallback Sets the callback for logs.
    SetMsgElemUploadProgressCallback Sets the callback for the upload progress of message element files.
    SetMsgReadedReceiptCallback Sets the callback for message read receipts.
    SetMsgRevokeCallback Sets the callback for message recalls.
    SetMsgUpdateCallback Sets the callback for message update notifications returned after messages are modified in the cloud.
    SetNetworkStatusListenerCallback Sets the callback for network connection status.
    SetOnAddFriendCallback Sets the callback for adding friends.
    SetOnDeleteFriendCallback Sets the callback for deleting friends.
    SetOnDeleteFriendCallback Sets the callback for deleting friends.
    SetSelfInfoUpdatedCallback Sets the callback for updating the current user's profile.
    SetUpdateFriendProfileCallback Sets the callback for updating friends' profiles.
    SetUserSigExpiredCallback Sets the callback for user ticket expiration.
    SetUserStatusChangedCallback Sets the callback for user status update notifications.
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