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Last updated: 2024-01-31 15:26:50
    This document describes how to quickly integrate the Tencent Cloud IM SDK (Mac) into your projects. To configure and integrate the SDK, follow these steps.

    Development Environment Requirements

    Xcode 9.0+.
    Mac device running OS X 10.10 or later.
    The project has been configured with a valid developer signature.

    Integrating the IM SDK

    You can either automatically integrate the IM SDK by using CocoaPods, or manually download the SDK and import it to your current project.

    Automatically loading CocoaPods

    1. Install CocoaPods

    Run the following command in a terminal window (you need to install the Ruby environment on your Mac device in advance):
    sudo gem install cocoapods

    2. Create a Podfile

    Navigate to the path where the project is located and run the following command. Then, a Podfile will appear under the project path.
    pod init

    3. Edit the Podfile

    Edit the Podfile as follows:
    platform :macos, '10.10'
    source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'
    target 'mac_test' do
    pod 'TXIMSDK_Mac'

    4. Update and install the SDK

    Run the following command in a terminal window to update the local library file and install TXIMSDK_Mac:
    pod install
    Alternatively, run the following command to update the local library version:
    pod update
    After the pod command is executed, a project file integrated with the SDK and suffixed .xcworkspace will be generated. Double-click the file to open it.

    Manual integration

    <b>1. Obtain the SDK download URL from Github:</b>
    ImSDKForMac.framework is the core dynamic library file of the IM SDK.
    Pack Name
    ipa Increment
    IM feature pack
    1.4 MB

    2. Create a project

    Create a project:
    Enter a project name:

    2. Integrate the IM SDK

    Add the dependent library: select the Target of Demo. On the General panel, add the dependent library under Embedded Binaries and Linked Frameworks and Libraries.
    Add the dependent library:
    You need to add -ObjC in Build Setting > Other Linker Flags.

    Referencing the IM SDK

    Use the SDK in project code in two ways:
    Method 1: Navigate to Xcode > Build Setting > Header Search Paths, and set the ImSDKForMac.framework/Headers path. In files that require the SDK API, directly reference the header file "ImSDK.h".
    #import "ImSDK.h"
    Method 2: in the files that require the SDK API, import the header file <ImSDKForMac/ImSDK.h>.
    #import <ImSDKForMac/ImSDK.h>
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