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    Users can set and get their nicknames, profile photos, and statuses as well as the profile information of non-friend users. The methods are in the TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager.getFriendshipManager() core class.

    Relationship Chain Event Listener

    Call the addFriendListener API (details) to add a relationship chain event listener.
    To stop receiving relationship chain events, call the removeFriendListener API (details) to remove the relationship chain event listener.
    You need to set the relationship chain event listener in advance to receive event notifications.
    Sample code:
    // Set the relationship chain listener
    V2TimFriendshipListener listener = V2TimFriendshipListener(
    onBlackListAdd: (List<V2TimFriendInfo> infoList) async {
    // Callback for adding a user to the blocklist
    // infoList: List of information of the user added
    onBlackListDeleted: (List<String> userList) async {
    // Callback for removing users from the blocklist
    // userList: List of IDs of the users deleted
    (List<V2TimFriendApplication> applicationList) async {
    // Callback for the increase of friend requests
    // applicationList: List of the information of new friend requests
    onFriendApplicationListDeleted: (List<String> userIDList) async {
    // Callback for the decrease of friend requests
    // userIDList: List of user IDs corresponding to the friend requests decreased
    onFriendApplicationListRead: () async {
    // Callback for read friend request
    onFriendInfoChanged: (List<V2TimFriendInfo> infoList) async {
    // Callback for friend information changes
    // infoList: list of friends whose information changes
    onFriendListAdded: (List<V2TimFriendInfo> users) async {
    // Callback for the increase of users in the friend list
    // users: list of users added
    onFriendListDeleted: (List<String> userList) async {
    // Callback for the decrease of users in the friend list
    // userList: list of users deleted
    .addFriendListener(listener: listener); // Add a relationship chain listener
    // Remove the relationship chain listener
    friendshipManager.removeFriendListener(listener: frindshipListener);

    User Profile Management

    Querying and modifying your own profile

    Call the getUsersInfo API (details) with the userIDList parameter set to a user's UserID to query the user's profile.
    Call the setSelfInfo API (details) to modify a user's profile. After the profile is modified successfully, you will receive the onSelfInfoUpdated callback (details).
    Sample code:
    // Obtain a user's personal profile
    V2TimValueCallback<String> self = await TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager.getLoginUser();
    TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager.getUsersInfo(userIDList: [self.data]);
    // Set the user's profile
    TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager.setSelfInfo(userFullInfo: V2TimUserFullInfo(nickName: "",role: 0,faceUrl: ""));

    Querying the user profile of a non-friend user

    Call the getUsersInfo API (details) with the userIDList parameter set to a non-friend user's UserID to query the non-friend user's profile.
    The profile of a non-friend user cannot be modified.

    Querying and modifying a friend's profile

    Call the getFriendsInfo API (details) to query the profile of the specified friend. The relationship between the user and the friend can be obtained through the relation field of the V2TIMFriendInfoResult in the callback:
    Not a friend
    Two-way friend
    The user is in your contacts.
    You are in the user's contacts.
    // Get friend information
    V2TimValueCallback<List<V2TimFriendInfoResult>> friendsInfo = await friendshipManager.getFriendsInfo(userIDList: []);
    Call the setFriendInfo API (details) to modify the information of a friend such as remarks.
    // Set friend information
    TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager.setSelfInfo(userFullInfo: V2TimUserFullInfo(nickName: "",role: 0,faceUrl: ""));


    Why can't the SDK enhanced edition get the latest user profiles?

    There are two types of user profile updates in the enhanced SDK:
    Friend's profile: when the profile of a friend is updated, the backend will send a system notification to the SDK, so the friend's profile will be updated in real time.
    Stranger's profile: when the profile of a stranger is updated, the backend will not send any system notification because the stranger is not a friend of yours, so the stranger's profile will not be updated in real time. To avoid sending a network request to the backend every time the user profile is obtained, the SDK adds a caching logic, setting a 10-minute interval between pulls of the same user's profile from the backend.
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