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RESTful API List

Last updated: 2024-03-21 15:34:28
    Imports a single account.
    Imports multiple accounts.
    Deletes accounts.
    Queries accounts.
    Invalidating account login states
    Queries the login status of an account.

    One-to-One Message

    Sends one-to-one messages to one user.
    Sends one-to-one messages to multiple users.
    Imports one-to-one messages.
    Queries one-to-one messages.
    Recalls one-to-one messages.
    Marks one-to-one messages as read.
    Queries the unread one-to-one message counts.
    Modifies historical one-to-one messages

    Pushing to All Users

    Pushes to all users.
    Sets app attribute names.
    Gets app attribute names.
    Gets user attributes.
    Sets user attributes.
    Deletes user attributes.
    Gets user tags.
    Adds user tags.
    Deletes user tags.
    Deletes all tags of a user.

    Profile Management

    Configures profiles.
    Pulls profiles.

    Relationship Chain Management

    Adds friends.
    Imports friends.
    Updates friends.
    Deletes friends.
    Deletes all friends.
    Verifies friends.
    Pulls friends.
    Pulls specified friends.
    Blocklists users.
    Unblocklists users.
    Pulls a blocklist.
    Checks whether specified users are on a user’s blocklist and/or vice versa.
    Adds lists.
    Deletes lists.
    Pulls lists.

    Recent Contacts

    Pulls a conversation list.
    Deletes a conversation.
    Creates conversation group data.
    Deletes conversation group data.
    Updates conversation group data.
    Searches for conversation group mark data.
    Creates or updates conversation mark data.
    Pulls conversation group mark data.

    Group Management

    Gets all groups in an app.
    Creates a group.
    Gets group profiles.
    Gets group member profiles.
    Modifies the profile of a group.
    Adds group members.
    Deletes group members.
    Modifies the profile of a group member.
    Disbands a group.
    Gets the groups a user has joined.
    Queries the roles of users in a group.
    Mutes and unmutes group members.
    Gets the list of muted group members.
    Sends ordinary messages in a group.
    Sends system messages in a group.
    Recalls group messages.
    Changes the group owner.
    Imports a group profile.
    Imports group messages.
    Imports group members.
    Sets the unread message count of a member.
    Deletes messages sent by a specified user.
    Gets group message history.
    Gets the number of online users in an audio-video group.
    Gets custom attributes of a group.
    Gets the list of banned group members.
    Bans group members.
    Unbans group members.
    Modifies custom attributes of a group.
    Clears custom attributes of a group.
    Resets custom attributes of a group.
    Modifies historical group chat messages.
    Delivers broadcast messages to all audio-video groups.
    Gets the group counter.
    Updates the group counter.
    Deletes the group counter.

    Global Mute Management

    Sets global mute.
    Queries global mute.

    Operations Management

    Pulls operations data.
    Downloads recent messages.
    Gets server IP addresses.
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