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Agent Proactively Contacts Chat Users

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:25:33


    Please first activate the Agent Initiates Contact with Chat Users feature according to the documentation. Once the feature is enabled, the agent's side will display the portal for initiating conversations.
    Support is only provided for agents to proactively contact In-app chat channel users. Other channels are currently not supported.

    Initiate a Conversation Proactively

    Agents can initiate a conversation in the following ways:

    Activate an Finished Conversation

    Agents can select a user from the 'Fi̇ni̇shed' conversation list in the workstation, and then click Initiate session. The conversation will be initiated using the Chat virtual number from the previous session.

    Contact User Proactively via Chat UserID

    An agent can click on the Proactive chats button at the workstation. Enter the UserID of the chat user and select the chat customer service virtual number in the pop-up window. After clicking Confirm, the agent initiates contact with the user while assuming the identity of the selected chat virtual number.

    Reinitiating conversation through service records

    The agent can select a user from the Service Records, and upon clicking on 'Initiate Conversation', they will recontact the user on behalf of the chat virtual number from this conversation.
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