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Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:25:16

    Feature Description

    If a message sender wants to know who has or has not read the message, the sender needs to enable the message read receipt feature. After this feature is enabled, the sender can set whether a message requires a read receipt when sending the message; if yes, the sender will receive a receipt after the message is read by the receiver.
    Read receipts are supported for both one-to-one and group messages in the same way.
    To use this feature, you need to purchase the Ultimate edition.

    Message Read Receipt

    Specifying a group type for which to support message read receipts

    Log in to the IM console, select Feature Configuration > Login and Message > Group Message Read Receipts.

    Specifying that a message requires a read receipt (by the sender)

    Sample code:
    var message = new Message
    message_conv_id = conv_id,
    message_conv_type = TIMConvType.kTIMConv_Group,
    message_cloud_custom_str = "unity local custom data",
    message_elem_array = new List<Elem>{new Elem
    elem_type = TIMElemType.kTIMElem_Text,
    text_elem_content = Input.text
    message_need_read_receipt = true,
    StringBuilder messageId = new StringBuilder(128);
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgSendMessage(conv_id, TIMConvType.kTIMConv_C2C, message, messageId, (int code, string desc, Message data, string user_data) => {
    // Process the callback logic

    Sending a message read receipt (by the receiver)

    After receiving the message, the receiver determines whether the message requires a read receipt based on the message_need_read_receipt field in Message (Details). If yes, after the user reads the message, the receiver calls the MsgSendMessageReadReceipts API (Details) to send a read receipt.
    Sample code:
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgSendMessageReadReceipts(msg_array, (int code, string desc, string user_data) => {
    // Process the callback logic

    Listening for a message read receipt notification (by the sender)

    After the receiver sends a message read receipt, the sender can listen for a receipt notification through the SetMsgReadedReceiptCallback callback (Details) and update the UI based on the notification to display the message as, for example, "Read by two members".
    Sample code:
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.SetMsgReadedReceiptCallback(msg_array, (List<MessageReceipt> message_receipt, string user_data) => {
    // Process the callback logic

    Pulling message read receipt information (by the sender)

    After entering the message list, the sender pulls historical messages first, and then calls the MsgGetMessageReadReceipts API (Details) to pull the message read receipt information.
    Sample code:
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgGetMessageReadReceipts(msg_array, (int code, string desc, List<MessageReceipt> message_receipt, string user_data) => {
    // Process the callback logic

    Pulling the list of members who have or have not read a group message (by the sender)

    To view the list of members who have or have not read a group message, the sender can call the GetMsgGroupMessageReadMemberList API (Details) to pull the member list by page.
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgGetMessageReadReceipts(message, TIMGroupMessageReadMembersFilter.TIM_GROUP_MESSAGE_READ_MEMBERS_FILTER_READ, next_seq, 20, (List<GroupMemberInfo> json_group_member_array, ulong next_seq, bool is_finished, string user_data) => {
    // Process the callback logic
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