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Before a Group Is Created

Last updated: 2023-03-16 14:30:45


    This webhook event is used by the app backend to check users' group creation requests in real time. The app backend can also reject the requests.


    • To enable this webhook, you must configure a webhook URL and toggle on the corresponding protocol. For more information on the configuration method, see Webhook Configuration.
    • During this webhook event, the Chat backend initiates an HTTP POST request to the app backend.
    • After receiving the webhook request, the app backend must check whether the SDKAppID contained in the request URL is the SDKAppID of the app.
    • For more security considerations, see the Security Considerations section in Webhook Overview.

    Webhook Triggering Scenarios

    • The app user creates a group on the client.
    • The app admin creates a group through the RESTful API.

    Webhook Triggering Timing

    It will be triggered before the Chat backend creates a group.

    API Calling Description

    Sample request URL

    In the following sample, the webhook URL configured in the app is https://www.example.com.


    Request parameters

    Parameter Description
    https The request protocol is HTTPS, and the request method is POST.
    www.example.com Webhook URL
    SdkAppid The SDKAppID assigned by the Chat console when the app is created
    CallbackCommand Fixed value: Group.CallbackBeforeCreateGroup.
    contenttype Fixed value: JSON.
    ClientIP Client IP, such as
    OptPlatform Client platform. For valid values, see the description of OptPlatform in the Webhook Protocols section of Webhook Overview.

    Sample request

        "CallbackCommand": "Group.CallbackBeforeCreateGroup", // Webhook command
        "Operator_Account": "leckie", // Operator
        "Owner_Account": "leckie", // Group owner
        "Type": "Public", // Group type
        "Name": "MyFirstGroup", // Group name
        "CreateGroupNum": 123, // Number of groups of the same type that the user has created
        "MemberList": [ // List of initial members
                "Member_Account": "bob"
                "Member_Account": "peter"
        "EventTime":"1670574414123"// Event trigger timestamp in milliseconds

    Request fields

    Object Type Description
    CallbackCommand String Webhook command
    Operator_Account String UserID of the operator who initiates the group creation request
    Owner_Account String UserID of the owner of the group requested to be created
    Type String Type of the group that generates group messages, such as Public. For details, see Group Types section in Group System.
    Name String Name of the group requested to be created
    CreateGroupNum Integer Number of groups of the same type that the user has created
    MemberList Array List of initial members of the group requested to be created
    EventTime Integer Event trigger timestamp in milliseconds

    Sample response

    Creation allowed

    The user is allowed to create a group.

        "ActionStatus": "OK",
        "ErrorInfo": "",
        "ErrorCode": 0 // Creation allowed

    Creation disallowed

    The user is not allowed to create a group. No group will be created, and the error code 10016 will be returned to the caller.

        "ActionStatus": "OK",
        "ErrorInfo": "",
        "ErrorCode": 1 // Creation refused

    Response fields

    Field Type Required Description
    ActionStatus String Yes Request result. OK: Successful; FAIL: Failed
    ErrorCode Integer Yes Error code returned. 0: Allows group creation; 1: Forbids group creation. If the business side wants to use a custom error code to forbid a user to create a group and send ErrorCode and ErrorInfo to the client, ensure that the value of ErrorCode is set within the range of [10100, 10200].
    ErrorInfo String Yes Error information


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