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Reception and Ending of Sessions

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:26:22

    Manual Reception of Conversation

    When a session is assigned to an agent, the agent's workstation will pop up a reception prompt bar and a bell sound to notify the agent of a new session, and the agent can receive it by clicking the blue button.
    The listening prompt bar will display a countdown. If the agent does not click to receive before the countdown ends, the session will be transferred to other agents within the same skill group.

    Automated Reception of Conversations

    If the administrator has set up automated reception, when a user's conversation is allocated to the agent, the agent's console will automatically start the conversation, without any reception prompts.

    Manual Termination of Conversations

    The seat occupant can manually click on the end session in the top right corner of the session window to manually end the session with the user.

    Automated Termination of Conversations

    When the agent sends a message to the user, and the user does not reply within the time specified by the administrator, the system will execute an automatic termination of the session due to timeout. The agent does not need to manually click, the session ends automatically and an automatic termination message is sent to the user.
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