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Session Routing and Reception Settings

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:25:17
    Directly access the Console and click Livechat settings on the left navigation bar to enter the settings page for Online Customer Service.

    Conversation Routing Configuration

    Desk offers fundamental routing settings and specified priority distribution functionality. Essentially, when the number of user connections exceeds the count of available agents, the system can distribute conversations to suitable agents based on predetermined rules.
    Routing Configuration
    Default Value
    When users initiate a conversation and switch to a human agent, they are assigned using the queue system operating on a first-come-first-served basis.
    Allocation according to agent priority within the skill group
    Upon user initiation of conversation and switch to human agent, assignments are distributed by the predetermined customer service priority within the skill group, aiming to delegate conversations primarily to agents with higher priority.
    Priority allocation to the last receptionist
    When the user transfers to an agent, priority is given to the agent who last served the user.

    Conversation Reception Settings

    Configuration Item
    Automatic Reception
    Upon turning this on, newly accessed customers are automatically delegated to the corresponding customer service representative, eliminating the need for manual reception from the staff.
    Redirect upon timeout
    Upon enabling redirection after timeout, if the customer service personnel fails to attend to a new customer within the stipulated period, the customer will be automatically redirected to another service agent within the same skill group.
    Automatically set to short break after timeout
    Once activated, if a session assigned to a customer service representative remains unattended beyond the set time, the status of the service representative will be automatically designated to a short break.
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