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Last updated: 2024-06-12 17:44:13


    The emoji reaction feature is integrated by default. For integration methods, see Integrating Basic Features. After integration, no further settings are required. When a text message is long-pressed, the Emoji Response Button is automatically displayed.
    After the emoji reaction capability is integrated, if you long-press the message menu, a new emoji selection area is displayed above the menu. This area supports expansion by clicking the right button to display more emojis. Clicking on an emoji allows you to react to the message with that emoji. If you have already used that emoji to react to the message, clicking it again removes the reaction.
    The emoji response feature is only supported by the premium edition, please purchase the premium edition to use.

    Display of Effects

    Add Emoji Reactions

    After the emoji reaction capability is integrated, if you right-click the message bubble, an emoji selection area is added near the message itself. This area can be expanded by clicking More to display additional emojis.

    Emoji List


    Reacted User List

    All emojis reactions to a message are displayed below it, visible to all members of the conversation.
    Below the message, the sender's name is shown after each emoji reaction.
    Clicking on a displayed emoji allows for a convenient and quick reaction with the same emoji or to cancel that emoji.
    When the number of people sending the same emoji reaction is too many to be displayed, you can click xx People in Total on the last to allow viewing the complete list of reaction members.

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