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Knowledge base configuration

Last updated: 2024-02-19 14:35:15
    The knowledgebase encompasses both the Q&A library and the small talk library. You may configure common queries within this knowledgebase, which will enable the AI chatbot to respond to user inquiries based on your predefined library.

    Q&A Library

    Add Q&A

    Click on the Add Q&A located below the Q&A library, in the unique Add Q&A pop-up, select the category that your question belongs to and input the Q&A pair.
    Once you complete clicking, the Q&A addition is concluded. At this point, the Q&A will by default be enabled in the test environment, enabling you to gauge the Q&A effectiveness via online testing.

    Bulk Import Q&A

    Click on the Import Q&A at the bottom of the Q&A library. In the dialog box that is triggered, download the bulk upload template. Complete the relevant Q&A information based on the template content and proceed with uploading.

    Amend Q&A

    After uploading Q&A, you can edit/delete/disable/enable Q&A operations in the operation zone to the right of the question. If you need to bulk manage, you can click on the Batch operation at the bottom of the Q&A library, to bulk operate selected Q&A.

    Small Talk Library

    You may configure greetings Q&A in the greetings library. Go to Basic Configuration > Q&A Strategy settings > Small talk rule to enable the greetings feature first.

    System default Library

    We have provided a preset small talk library. You can operate the button on the right side of System default categories to enable or disable the Q&A of the system default categories with one click. For individual questions, you can also change the reply using the Edit button on the right side of the question.

    User-defined Classification

    You can also configure your own greeting library, reference can be made to the Q&A Library for related operations.
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