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Last updated: 2024-06-17 16:52:38

    IM Electron SDK 8.0.5895 @2024.6.12

    Update the underlying dependency library to 8.0.5995.

    IM Electron SDK 7.9.5580 @2024.4.20

    Update the underlying dependency library to 7.9.5580.
    Modify the version number to be consistent with the underlying dependency library.

    IM Electron SDK 3.0.21 @2024.4.10

    Fix the search group chat interface searchGroups.
    Fix the invite group member interface inviteInGroup.
    Fix the bug that the removed message listener cannot be removed.

    IM Electron SDK 3.0.20 @2024.3.28

    Update the underlying version to 7.8.
    Fixed the group messaging bug (batchSend).
    Fixed searching group member bug (searchGroupMembers).

    IM Electron SDK 3.0.15 @ 2024.1.30

    Fixed conversation clearing message bug.

    IM Electron SDK 3.0.14 @ 2024.1.19

    Added cloud search capability.

    IM Electron SDK 3.0.13 @ 2024.1.18

    Optimize privatized networking.

    IM Electron SDK 3.0.0 @ January 8, 2024

    Enhance memory and CPU usage of the Electron SDK process.
    Add text message translation interface.
    Add voice message to text conversion interface.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.21 @ November 10, 2023

    Adjust input and output parameters of the signaling interface.
    Add interfaces and callbacks for retrieving and modifying signals.
    Fix an issue where local message search did not return messages.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.20 @ November 1, 2023

    Upgrade the underlying Linux IM SDK C version to 7.5.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.19 @2023.10.16

    Upgrade the underlying IM SDK version C to 7.5.
    Modify the spelling of some fields, including (before modification --> after modification):
    msg_getmsglist_param_is_remble --> msg_getmsglist_param_is_ramble.
    group_search_member_result_menber_info_list --> group_search_member_result_member_info_list.
    msg_delete_param_is_remble --> msg_delete_param_is_ramble.
    group_atrribute_key --> group_attribute_key.
    group_atrribute_value --> group_attribute_value.
    friend_respone_identifier --> friend_response_identifier.
    friend_respone_action --> friend_response_action.
    friend_respone_remark --> friend_response_remark.
    friend_respone_group_name --> friend_response_group_name.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.18 @2023.9.11

    Modify some functions to pass message body, including: MsgRevoke, MsgDelete, MsgListDelete, MsgReportedReaded.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.17 @2023.8.20

    Upgrade the underlying IM SDK C version to 7.4.
    Support Community Group Topic.
    Support group member online status.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.16 @2023.6.20

    Support conversation group related callback.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.15 @2023.5.12

    Added an interface for obtaining user online status.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.12 @2023.4.29

    Modify the download interface.
    Add user profile update callback and user status update callback.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.9 @2023.3.31

    Upgrade the underlying IM SDK C version to 7.1.
    Support multiple registrations for recvNewMessageCallback.
    Groups support pulling historical messages by sequence list.
    Delete session support setting whether to clear history messages.
    Provides an interface to delete sessions in batches.
    Support modifying the approval method for inviting people into groups.
    Whether the message object is added is a parameter for content auditing.
    Support to get the total number of unread according to the filter of the session.
    Ordinary group, live broadcast group and community support group counter meta counter.
    The single chat read report supports reporting according to the message timestamp.
    The group chat read report supports reporting according to the message sequence.
    One-on-one chat sessions expose timestamps of read messages.
    Group chat sessions expose the sequence of read messages.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.7 @2023.02.07

    Modify linux arm adaptation.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.6 @2023.01.12

    Add interface supported by underlying IM SDK C version 6.5 and above.
    Add MacOS offline push.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.4 @2022.12.12

    Add MessageExtension parameter.
    Modify the return value of GroupReadMemberList.
    Add Message field.

    IM Electron SDK 2.0.2 @2022.11.1

    Updated the underlying IM SDK C version to 6.7.
    Supported message extension.
    Optimized input and output parameters.

    IM Electron SDK 1.3.4 @2021.10.19

    Officially available to users.
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