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Configure Agent to Proactively Contact Chat Users

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:22:36
    From the agent end, you can initiate conversations with Chat users via the Chat virtual number. Prior to using this feature, please configure the functionality via the management end.
    Support is only provided for agents to proactively contact In-app chat channel users. Other channels are currently not supported.

    Enable the feature to proactively contact Chat users

    1. Directly go to the Console, click on Livechat Settings in the left navigation bar and proceed to the Rules page. Tick the option for Allow agents to proactively reach out to users.
    2. Set the timeout period for when agents actively initiate conversations.
    The range for setting the timeout period is from 60s to 86400s (a day).

    Configure the virtual number available for agents to contact Chat users

    When adding or editing Chat customer service virtual numbers, you can select the skill group that this virtual number uses to initiate contact with users. Customer service representatives within this group can use this virtual number to initiate conversation operations with Chat users.
    Upon completion of the setup, representatives have the ability to initiate contact with Chat users from workstation. The process is referred to as Agent initiating contact with Chat users operation.
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