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Agent Role Permission Management

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:23:34
    Enterprises can define the scope of permissions of a role through role permission management, thus flexibly controlling the capacity of managers.

    Creating a role

    1. Access the Console directly, click on Agent > Role Permissions on the left navigation panel to enter the Role Permission Management page, and click on Creating new role in the upper left corner of the Customer Service Management page.
    2. Designating a role name for the new role.
    3. Select the member to be endowed with new permissions.
    4. Determine the scope of this role's authority.
    Choose the visibility range of this role in the console, such as the data analysis, service record, real-time monitoring modules etc. Here, you can set the range of skill groups that can be viewed within such modules. (For instance: After selecting Data Analysis > Livechat setting, set the skill group range to A. This role can only view data of skill group A within Data Analysis > Livechat setting module)

    Modify the Role

    After creating a new role, you can go to the customer service management page to set the role of other customer service to the newly established role.
    1. Select the agent whose roles need to be altered, then click on Edit.
    2. Assign appropriate roles for the agent.
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