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Last updated: 2024-02-06 17:21:03

    Feature Description

    The IM SDK provides an API for getting conversations, which can be used to get the V2TimConversation object information of one or multiple specified conversations.

    Getting a specified conversation

    Call getConversation (Details) to get the information of a conversation, which is a V2TimConversation object.
    Sample code:
    V2TimValueCallback<V2TimConversation> conv = await conversationManager.getConversation(conversationID: "conversationID");

    Getting specified conversations

    Call getConversationList (Details) to get the list of specified conversations that stores V2TimConversation objects.
    Sample code:
    V2TimValueCallback<V2TimConversationResult> convList = await conversationManager.getConversationList(nextSeq: '', count: 10);
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