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    You can implement the feature of combining and forwarding messages in the following steps:
    1. Create a combined message based on the list of original messages.
    2. Send the combined message to the receiver.
    3. The receiver receives the combined message and parses the list of original messages.

    Combined Message

    Creating and sending a combined message

    A combined message can be created by setting the message list along with the combined message title and digest. The process is as follows:
    1. Create a combined message by setting the list of original messages as well as the combined message title and digest.
    List of original messages
    List of original messages to be combined and forwarded
    Title of the combined message, such as "Chat History of xixiyah and Hello" as shown above
    Digest list
    Digest list of the combined message as shown above. The original message digests need to be displayed for the combined message, which will be unfolded after the user clicks the cell.
    Compatibility text message
    If the early SDK versions do not support the combined message, the user will receive a text message with the content `merge_elem_compatible_text` by default.
    2. Sample code for creating and sending a combined message:
    // List of messages to be forwarded, which can contain combined messages but not group tips
    var message = new Message
    message_conv_id = conv_id,
    message_conv_type = TIMConvType.kTIMConv_Group,
    message_elem_array = new List<Elem>{
    new Elem
    elem_type = TIMElemType.kTIMElem_Merge,
    merge_elem_title = "Chat History of user1 and user2", // Title of the combined message
    merge_elem_message_array = new List<Message>
    merge_elem_abstract_array = new List<string>
    "user1:hello", "user2:hello" // Digest list of the combined message
    merge_elem_compatible_text = "The current version does not support the message" // Compatibility text of the combined message. If the early SDK version does not support the combined message, the user will receive a text message with the content `compatibleText` by default.
    StringBuilder messageId = new StringBuilder(128);
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgSendMessage(conv_id, TIMConvType.kTIMConv_Group, message, messageId, (int code, string desc, string json_param, string user_data)=>{
    // Async message sending result

    Receiving a combined message

    Adding a listener

    The receiver calls the AddRecvNewMsgCallback API (details) to add a message listener. We recommend it be called early, such as after the chat page is initialized, to ensure timely message receiving in the application.
    Sample code:
    TencentIMSDK.AddRecvNewMsgCallback((List<Message> messages, string user_data)=>{
    foreach(Message message in messages)
    foreach (Elem elem in message.message_elem_array)
    // There is a next message
    if (elem.elem_type == TIMElemType.kTIMElem_Merge)

    Parsing a message

    After the listener is added, the receiver will receive the combined message Message in RecvNewMsgCallback. You can use the combined message element to get the merge_elem_title and merge_elem_abstract_array for UI display. Then, when the user clicks the combined message, you can call the MsgDownloadMergerMessage API (details) to download the combined message list for UI display.
    Sample code:
    if(elem.TIMElemType == TIMElemType.kTIMElem_Merge){
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgDownloadMergerMessage(message, (int code, string desc, List<Message> messages, string user_data)=>{
    // Process the async logic

    Forwarding Messages One by One

    To forward a single message, create a message identical to the original message first, and then call the MsgSendMessage API (details) to send the message.
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