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Last updated: 2024-05-20 15:00:06


    TUIKit supports the "Group Chat Message Read Receipt" and "One-to-one Chat Message Read Receipt" features starting from version 6.2.2363 and version 6.3.2609, respectively.
    The "Message Read Receipt" feature is only supported by the premium edition. Please make sure that the premium package has been activated before using this feature.


    One-to-one Chat Message Read Receipt

    Indicated by ✔️ or highlighted ✔️✔️ on the message

    Group Chat Message Read Receipt

    Message reading status is indicated on the message: When no one has read it, ✔️ is displayed; when some chat members have read it, gray ✔️✔️ is displayed; when everyone has read it, highlighted ✔️✔️ is displayed.

    Message List


    Read Receipt Details

    Click the read status to enter the read receipt details page.

    Enabling Message Read Receipt

    In the TUIChat component, within the GeneralConfig.java file, a switch for the "Message Read Receipt" feature, named msgNeedReadReceipt, is provided. Its type is boolean, with a default value of false.
    public class GeneralConfig {
    private boolean msgNeedReadReceipt = false;
    If you want to enable the "Message Read Receipt" feature, please first activate the premium edition and then change the default value of msgNeedReadReceipt to true, or call the following method to enable it before the chat page is initialized.


    Error: The usage of this API is not supported by the package. Please upgrade to the premium edition.

    The "Message Read Receipt" feature is only supported by the premium package. This error message indicates that your current package does not support this capability. Please log in to the Chat purchase page to activate the premium edition for experience.

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