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Create and Bind Session Service Flow

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:24:16
    The session service flow serves as a guiding process when users enter online customer service, enabling the setting of welcoming phrases and navigation, etc. You can configure branching, manual transfer, customer service chatbot, and other functions within the session service flow.

    Operation step

    Step 1: Create a new Session Service Flow

    Directly visit Management Console, click on Livechat Settings > Session Service Flow on the left navigation bar to enter the Session Service Flow Management page, click on New at the top left corner of the page.

    Step 2: Enter the name of the chat service flow

    In the top left corner of the chat service flow canvas, enter a name for the chat service flow, such as: online chat reception.

    Step 3: Connect Modules

    Depending on your specific scenario, drag the required modules to the appropriate location within the canvas area, connect the modules, and fill in the necessary information in each module (see Chat Service Flow Modules for details). Each chat service process must begin with start module as the first one and end with end module as the last one.

    Step 4: Save the chat service flow

    Once configured, click Save in the upper right corner of the canvas to return to the list of conversation service flows.

    Step 5: Bind the Conversation Service Flow

    Go to the Channel Management page, select the channel you want to bind to the conversation service flow, and click View/Edit.

    Step 6: Execute the Session Service Flow

    In the dialog box, select the session service flow to be associated and click Associate. Once associated, when a user sends a message to the channel, the configured conversation service flow will be followed.
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