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Last updated: 2022-11-21 16:35:40

    Feature Description

    In certain cases, you might want a message to be received by the receiver only when online; that is, the receiver won't notice the message when offline. You only need to set message_is_online_msg to true when calling MsgSendMessage. A message sent in this way differs from a general one in that:
    1. It cannot be stored offline; that is, it cannot be received if the receiver is offline.
    2. It cannot be roamed across devices; that is, if it is received on a device, it cannot be received on another, whether it is read or not.
    3. It cannot be stored locally; that is, it cannot be pulled from local or cloud historical messages.


    Implementing the feature of "The other party is typing..."

    In one-to-one chats, you can call the MsgSendMessage API (Details) to send the prompt "Typing...". After receiving the prompt message, the receiver can display "The other party is typing..." on the UI.
    Sample code:
    var message = new Message
    message_conv_id = conv_id,
    message_conv_type = TIMConvType.kTIMConv_C2C,
    message_elem_array = new List<Elem>{new Elem
    elem_type = TIMElemType.kTIMElem_Custom,
    custom_elem_data = "Typing..."
    message_is_online_msg = true
    StringBuilder messageId = new StringBuilder(128);
    TIMResult res = TencentIMSDK.MsgSendMessage(conv_id, TIMConvType.kTIMConv_C2C, message, messageId, (int code, string desc, Message data, string user_data) => {
    // Process the callback logic
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