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    Pinning a conversation to the top is to fix a one-to-one or group conversation at the top of the conversation list to facilitate search. The status of a conversation being pinned to the top will be stored on the server and synced to new devices.
    The maximum number of conversations pinned to the top is 50, and this limit cannot be increased.

    Pinning a Conversation to the Top

    Call the pinConversation API (details) to set whether to pin a conversation to the top.
    The conversations are sorted based on the orderKey field of the V2TimConversation object. This field is an integer that increases as the conversation is activated when a message is sent/received, a draft is set, or the conversation is pinned to the top.
    Note that a conversation pinned to the top will always be displayed above others. If multiple conversations are pinned to the top, they will be sorted in the original order. For example, if there are five conversations (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in order) and conversations 2 and 3 are pinned to the top, the new order will be 2, 3, 1, 4, and 5. Obviously, conversations 2 and 3 are displayed above others, and conversation 2 is displayed above conversation 3.
    When getConversationList is called to get the conversation list, it will first return the conversation that is pinned to the top and then other conversations. You can check whether a conversation is pinned to the top through the isPinned field of the V2TIMConversation object.
    Sample code:
    // If `isPinned` is `true`, the conversation is pinned to the top; otherwise, it is not.
    bool isPinned = true;
    conversationManager.pinConversation(conversationID: "conversationID", isPinned: isPinned);

    Notification of the Pinned Status Change

    If you have called the addConversationListener API (details) in advance to add a conversation listener, you can get the isPinned value of the V2TimConversation object in onConversationChanged and determine whether the pinned status of a conversation has changed. Sample code:
    conversationManager.addConversationListener(listener: V2TimConversationListener(onConversationChanged: (conversationList) {
    // Latest conversation after the change
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