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Last updated: 2024-04-01 16:37:31


    TUIKit is a UI component library based on Tencent Cloud Chat SDK. It provides universal UI components to offer features such as conversation, chat, contact, group, and audio/video call features.
    Based on powerful and feature-rich UIKit components, you can build real-time social messaging capabilities with all the features into your applications and websites in minutes.
    For free source code, see chat-uikit-react.

    TUIKit Components

    TUIKit provides the following modules for different purposes: TUIChat, TUIConversation, TUIProfile, and TUIManage modules.


    TUIChat is responsible for message UI display. You can use it to directly send different types of messages, including text, emoji, image, video, and custom messages. TUIChat also supports message forward/recall/quote/query and message read receipts.
    Message UI/Message Quoting/Recalling/Forwarding
    Message Navigation/Read Receipt


    TUIConversation is responsible for conversation list display and editing. It allows you to pin a conversation to the top, delete conversations, etc.


    TUIManage allows you to perform group related operations, such as modifying group profile and mute/unmute group members.


    TUIContact displays relationship chains and allows you to create conversations and more.


    TUIProfile is responsible for user profile management.
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