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Last updated: 2023-07-20 10:48:21

    Feature Description

    In certain cases, you might want a message to be received by the receiver only when online; that is, the receiver won't notice the message when offline. You only need to set onlineUserOnly to true when calling sendMessage. A message sent in this way differs from a general one in that:
    1. It cannot be stored offline; that is, it cannot be received if the receiver is offline.
    2. It cannot be roamed across devices; that is, if it is received on a device, it cannot be received on another, whether it is read or not.
    3. It cannot be stored locally; that is, it cannot be pulled from local or cloud historical messages.

    Typing indicators

    In one-to-one chats, you can call the sendMessage API to send the prompt "Typing...". After receiving the prompt message, the receiver can display "Typing..." on the UI.
    chat.sendMessage(message, {
    // If the receiver is offline, the message will be neither stored on the roaming server
    // nor pushed offline.
    onlineUserOnly: true
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