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Last updated: 2024-05-09 14:57:13

    1.9.2 @2023.11.03

    Added TIMSetMsgReactionsChangedCallback callback.
    Added TIMSetMsgAllMessageReceiveOptionCallback callback.
    Added TIMMsgSetAllReceiveMessageOpt interface.
    Added TIMMsgSetAllReceiveMessageOpt2 interface.
    Added TIMMsgGetAllReceiveMessageOpt interface.
    Added TIMMsgSearchCloudMessages interface.
    Added TIMMsgAddMessageReaction interface.
    Added TIMMsgRemoveMessageReaction interface.
    Added TIMMsgGetMessageReactions interface.
    Added TIMMsgGetAllUserListOfMessageReaction interface.
    Added TIMMsgConvertVoiceToText interface.

    1.9.1 @2023.10.29

    Fixed the bug where the Windows editor cannot be used.

    1.9.0 @2023.10.25

    Updated the underlying layer to v7.5.4864.
    Added an interface for subscribing to strangers' profiles.
    Added an interface for deleting a conversation list.
    Added an unread message count interface for cleaning a conversation.
    Modified some interface parameter fields (before modification -> after modification):
    msg_getmsglist_param_is_remble -> msg_getmsglist_param_is_ramble
    msg_delete_param_is_remble -> msg_delete_param_is_ramble
    group_atrribute_key -> group_attribute_key
    group_atrribute_value --> group_attribute_value
    friend_respone_identifier --> friend_response_identifier
    friend_respone_action --> friend_response_action
    friend_respone_remark --> friend_response_remark
    friend_respone_group_name -->. friend_response_group_name
    group_base_info_lastest_seq —> group_base_info_latest_seq
    friend_add_pendency_info_idenitifer —> friend_add_pendency_info_identifier
    user_config_is_ingore_grouptips_unread —> user_config_is_ignore_grouptips_unread
    message_offlie_push_config —> message_offline_push_config
    msg_search_param_send_indentifier_array —> msg_search_param_send_identifier_array
    group_detial_... -> group_detail_...
    Added some interface parameters:

    1.8.3 @2023.01.13

    Added support for adding multiple callback functions to an event callback.
    Added support for deleting specified callback functions.
    Added conversation group related APIs and event callbacks.
    Added support for setting custom conversation data event callbacks.
    Added conversation marking APIs.
    Added the advanced API for getting the conversation list.
    Added group counter related APIs and event callbacks.
    Added the text message translation API.
    Added the API and event callback for getting/subscribing to the total unread message count by filter.

    1.8.2 @2022.12.06

    Supported Mac M1 chips for build.
    Supported WebGL for build.
    Fixed the parameter types of callbacks such as GroupGetTopicInfoList and ConvGetConvList.
    Added parameters and callback data logs.

    1.8.0 @2022.10.11

    Fixed the conversion performance issue involved in first parameter serialization.

    1.7.9 @2022.09.22

    Fixed iOS build issues.

    1.7.7 @2022.09.02

    Added English API annotations.
    Added topic, community, user status, and other APIs.
    Upgraded the native SDK.
    Fixed known issues.

    1.7.6 @2022.06.24

    Supported string callback data and object callback data.

    1.7.5 @2022.05.23

    Added APIs for group message read receipts.
    Fixed the issue where the field with a value of null was ignored by Newtonsoft serialization.
    Fixed the issue where the uint64 field in GroupPendencyResult was changed to ulong.

    1.6.4 @2022.01.13

    Added SDK support for package manager import.
    Added the feature of adding dependencies after iOS compilation.

    1.6.0 @2021.12.21

    Switched the underlying cross-platform C APIs.
    Added support for the Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms with unified APIs.
    Note that v1.6.0 is incompatible with earlier versions.

    1.5.1 @2021.11.24

    Fixed the issue where -1 is returned for sequenceid unexpectedly.
    Added support for macOS.
    Removed the simple message module and enabled the advanced message module for both message receiving and sending.

    1.5.0 @2021.11.16

    Added support for Windows.

    1.4.0 @2021.08.03

    Simplified the configuration process on iOS.
    Fixed the IL2CPP packaging error on Android.

    1.3.1 @2021.05.21

    Fixed known issues.

    1.3.0 @2021.05.10

    Added the C# model to instantiate data returned by APIs.
    Added the usage of the C# model to ExampleEntry.cs.

    1.2.0 @2021.04.28

    Added sequenceID to some message sending APIs to associate message requests and responses.

    1.1.1 @2021.04.25

    Separated the method of dynamically fetching userSig.

    1.1.0 @2021.04.15

    Added advanced message APIs.
    Added signaling message APIs.

    1.0.1 @2021.04.01

    Initialized the project and implemented most APIs.
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