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Last updated: 2024-03-12 14:46:24


    In certain cases, you might want a message to be received by the receiver only when online; that is, the receiver won't notice the message when offline. You only need to set onlineUserOnly to true/YES when calling sendMessage. A message sent in this way differs from a general one in that:
    1. It cannot be stored offline; that is, it cannot be received if the receiver is offline.
    2. It cannot be roamed across devices; that is, if it is received on a device, it cannot be received on another, whether it is read or not.
    3. It cannot be stored locally; that is, it cannot be pulled from local or cloud historical messages.


    Implementing the feature of "Typing..."

    In one-to-one chats, you can use sendMessage (Android / iOS and macOS / Windows) to send a specified custom online message. After receiving the specified custom online message and determining that the sender is typing, the receiver can display "Typing..." on the UI.
    Sample code:
    iOS and macOS
    // Send the prompt "Typing…" to user A
    JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject();
    try {
    jsonObject.put("command", "textInput");
    } catch (JSONException e) {
    V2TIMMessage v2TIMMessage = V2TIMManager.getMessageManager().createCustomMessage(jsonObject.toString().getBytes());
    V2TIMManager.getMessageManager().sendMessage(v2TIMMessage, "userA", null, V2TIMMessage.V2TIM_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, true, v2TIMOfflinePushInfo, new V2TIMSendCallback<V2TIMMessage>() {
    public void onError(int code, String desc) {}
    public void onSuccess(V2TIMMessage v2TIMMessage) {}
    public void onProgress(int progress) {}
    // Send the prompt "Typing..." to user A
    NSString *customStr = @"{\\"command\\": \\"textInput\\"}";
    NSData *customData = [customStr dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
    V2TIMMessage *msg = [[V2TIMManager sharedInstance] createCustomMessage:customData];
    [[V2TIMManager sharedInstance] sendMessage:msg receiver:@"userA" groupID:nil
    priority:V2TIM_PRIORITY_DEFAULT onlineUserOnly:YES offlinePushInfo:nil progress:^(uint32_t progress) {
    } succ:^{
    // Message sent successfully
    } fail:^(int code, NSString *msg) {
    // Failed to send the message
    class SendCallback final : public V2TIMSendCallback {
    using SuccessCallback = std::function<void(const V2TIMMessage&)>;
    using ErrorCallback = std::function<void(int, const V2TIMString&)>;
    using ProgressCallback = std::function<void(uint32_t)>;
    SendCallback() = default;
    ~SendCallback() override = default;
    void SetCallback(SuccessCallback success_callback, ErrorCallback error_callback,
    ProgressCallback progress_callback) {
    success_callback_ = std::move(success_callback);
    error_callback_ = std::move(error_callback);
    progress_callback_ = std::move(progress_callback);
    void OnSuccess(const V2TIMMessage& message) override {
    if (success_callback_) {
    void OnError(int error_code, const V2TIMString& error_message) override {
    if (error_callback_) {
    error_callback_(error_code, error_message);
    void OnProgress(uint32_t progress) override {
    if (progress_callback_) {
    SuccessCallback success_callback_;
    ErrorCallback error_callback_;
    ProgressCallback progress_callback_;
    // Send the prompt "Typing…" to user A
    std::string str{u8"{\\"command\\": \\"textInput\\"}"};
    V2TIMBuffer data = {reinterpret_cast<const uint8_t*>(str.data()), str.size()};
    V2TIMMessage message =
    V2TIMManager::GetInstance()->GetMessageManager()->CreateCustomMessage(data, description, extension);
    auto callback = new SendCallback{};
    callback->SetCallback([=](const V2TIMMessage& message) { delete callback; },
    [=](int error_code, const V2TIMString& error_message) { delete callback; },
    [=](uint32_t progress) {});
    message, "userA", {}, V2TIMMessagePriority::V2TIM_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, true, {}, callback);
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