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Agent End SDK FAQs

Last updated: 2024-02-06 09:19:52

    What frameworks does TCCC Web SDK support?

    TCCC Web SDK is implemented in pure JavaScript and supports running in environments such as Vue, React, uni-app, PHP, JSP, etc.

    What is UserId when initializing the SDK?

    UserId refers to the login account of the Console in the customer service desk, usually in email format. You can add account in the Console.

    How to switch accounts in SDK?

    By initializing the SDK with different UserId, the account will be switched automatically.

    Why is it necessary to deploy the page using HTTPS when using the SDK?

    Due to browser restrictions, microphone permissions can only be obtained under HTTPS.

    Does the Token need to be renewed? What happens when it expires?

    Once the SDK is initialized, there is no need to renew the Token. Please ensure that the SDK is initialized with a Token that is within its valid period.

    Device error occurred after login.

    1. Verify if the website URL uses HTTPS.
    2. Please check if microphone permission is granted.
    3. Use a testing website.
    4. Developers can provide custom prompts based on the SDK's provided APIs: isBrowserSupported and isEnvSupported..
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