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Setting Nickname and Avatar (Full Platform)

Last updated: 2024-05-09 14:25:09
    This document describes how to set the user's avatar and nickname.

    Setting Avatar and Nickname

    To customize the nickname or avatar, use the following API for update:
    Android (Kotlin)
    Android (Java)
    iOS (Objective-C)
    iOS (Swift)
    Flutter (Dart)
    uni-app (Andorid&iOS)
    TUICallKit.createInstance(context).setSelfInfo("jack", "https:/****/user_avatar.png", callback)
    TUICallKit.createInstance(context).setSelfInfo("jack", "https:/****/user_avatar.png", callback);
    [[TUICallKit createInstance] setSelfInfo:@"" avatar:@"" succ:^{
    } fail:^(int code, NSString *errMsg) {
    TUICallKit.createInstance().setSelfInfo(nickname: "", avatar: "") {
    } fail: { code, message in
    TUIResult result = TUICallKit.instance.setSelfInfo('userName', 'url:********');
    const options = {
    nickName: 'jack',
    avatar: 'https:/****/user_avatar.png'
    TUICallKit.setSelfInfo(options, (res) => {
    if (res.code === 0) {
    console.log('setSelfInfo success');
    } else {
    console.log(`setSelfInfo failed, error message = ${res.msg}`);
    try {
    await TUICallKitServer.setSelfInfo({ nickName: "jack", avatar: "http://xxx" });
    } catch (error: any) {
    alert(`[TUICallKit] Failed to call the setSelfInfo API. Reason: ${error}`);
    The update of the callee's nickname and avatar may be delayed during a call between non-friend users due to the user privacy settings. After a call is made successfully, the information will also be updated properly in subsequent calls.
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