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Last updated: 2023-09-15 17:08:08

    Chat Service Pricing

    The Chat service pricing consists of two parts: basic service fee and value-added service fee.

    Basic service fee

    The basic service fee covers two parts: the resource plan fee and out-of-plan resource usage fee.
    Resource plan fee: Chat offers the Developer, Standard, and Premium editions. The edition for a created application defaults to the Developer edition (free). You can choose a plan based on your needs. For resource plan comparison, see Comparison of billing plans.
    Out-of-plan resource usage fee: The fee charged for resource usage that exceeds the free quota of the Standard or Premium edition plan.
    The billing details are as follows:
    Billing Method
    Plan Type
    Developer Edition
    Standard Edition
    Premium Edition
    Resource plan fee
    Free of charge
    399 USD/month
    699 USD/month
    Out-of-plan resource usage fee (MAU)
    0.015 USD/user/month
    MAU calculates the number of unique users that log in to your Chat app in a given month. After a user logs in successfully by calling the login function of the Chat SDK to establish a persistent connection with the Chat backend, MAU will be increased by one. A user that logs in repeatedly in the same month is considered as one user only for MAU. Use the login function appropriately according to business scenarios to avoid an excessively high MAU.

    Value-added services fees

    Billing Method
    Call Plan
    1-to-1 Call
    Group Call
    As low as 0 USD for 7 days
    199 USD/month
    599 USD/month
    Not supported (Services will become unavailable after exhaustion. To continue the services, you need to purchase the 1-to-1 Call or Group Call edition)
    For the billing details of the exceeding call minutes, see Billing of TRTC Services.
    If you use the TRTC features, additional fees may incur. For the billing details, see Billing of On-Cloud Recording and Billing of MixTranscoding and Relay to CDN.
    More value-added services are under development. If you have additional value-added services requirements when using Chat, contact us.
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