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Last updated: 2021-10-29 16:30:32

    How do I change my VOD billing mode?

    VOD offers two billing modes: daily billing and monthly billing. The default billing mode is daily billing. If you want to change it to monthly billing, please contact your Tencent Cloud rep.

    Will fees be incurred repeatedly if a video is watched with the same device ID multiple times a day?

    Yes. Every time a video is watched with the same device ID through the VOD link, there will be traffic consumed, and fees will be incurred accordingly.

    Will billing continue after a video is transcoded?

    Each transcoding task is billed only once. A transcoded video will be billed another time only if it is transcoded again.

    How do I calculate the accelerated traffic in VOD?

    Accelerated traffic = bitrate * duration * number of viewers. You can use this formula to estimate how much traffic will be needed.
    For example, if a video lasts for one hour at a bitrate of 500 Kbps and is watched by 100 users, the traffic consumed will be about 500 / 8 * 3600 * 100 = 22,500,000 KB = 22.5 GB

    Are transcoding fees and task flow fees the same thing?

    A task flow is to perform multiple template tasks at a time by splicing them. The tasks contained in the task flow are charged at the same prices as the corresponding billable items.

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