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Media Blocking

Last updated: 2022-09-02 15:46:59


    Media playback blocking allows you block or unblock the playback of the specified media content. When non-compliant media content is discovered, you can immediately prohibit the playback of that content. After the block takes effect, the media content (including various media resources such as source media files, output transcoded files, and screenshots) cannot be accessed over the entire network and can only be previewed in the VOD console. This helps to prevent non-compliant media content from being further spread and reduces platform security risks and damage to the brand image. After the content is reviewed and non-compliance risks are resolved, you can unblock the media content to make it accessible again over the entire network.

    Use cases

    Scenario Description
    Online education platforms As online education platforms are mainly oriented to minors, they are very sensitive to non-compliant video content, such as controversial topics and improper gestures and behaviors. If moderation is not sufficient, such content may not be detected, and platforms may only find out afterwards that the non-compliant videos need to be blocked.
    Radio and TV or OTT Radio and TV platforms have a large user base and implement strict regulations. They often need to promptly block the playback of non-compliant media content; for example, the latest recorded program may need to be blocked for containing inappropriate content that was not properly moderated before. In addition, existing media may also contain non-compliant content that can cause a negative impact on the public and needs to be blocked.
    UGSV platforms To attract more traffic, some users may upload non-compliant videos that are difficult to be recognized during initial moderation, such as sexually suggestive or illegal videos, which can have a bad impact on viewers, especially minors. In this case, the platform can immediately block a non-compliant video when it is discovered.


    You can block the playback of a media or unblock it in the console or by calling the API. For more information, see the following:

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