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Audio/Video Moderation

Last updated: 2022-07-13 11:36:08


    The Audio/Video Moderation page displays audio/video moderation results, including the results of moderation tasks you initiated in Video Management and configured in the task flow.


    1. Log in to the VOD console and select Application Management on the left sidebar.

    2. Select the target application.

    3. By default, you will enter the Media Assets > Video Management > Uploaded page.

      • Query by time period: Audio/Video moderation results for today, yesterday, past 7 days, and any time period within the past 7 days can be queried in the audio/video moderation list.

      • Prefix search: You can search for moderation results by FileId or video name prefix.

      • Filter: You can sort video files by time in ascending or descending order and filter them by moderation status, intelligent moderation result, or human verification result.

      • Delete: Select the target video files and click Delete above the list to delete them in batches. Alternatively, click Delete in the row of a single file to delete it.


        You need to initiate an audio/video moderation task in Video Management to view audio/video moderation results.

    4. Click View Result in the row of the video file to go to the moderation result page.

      • Content display: This page displays the task ID, video filename, source video file URL, intelligent moderation result, human verification result, and the details of the intelligent moderation result.
      • Copy video information: You can copy the task ID, video filename, and source video file URL.
      • Confirm moderation result:
        • Click Confirm Pass, which indicates that you confirm that there is no indication of a violation in the video and the result of human verification result is "Passed".
        • Click Confirm Violation, which indicates that you confirm that there is indication of a violation in the video and the result of human verification result is "Violated".
        • Click Moderate Again to select another moderation template and initiate a moderation task again. Or, click Moderate Again in the row of the target video file on the Audio/Video Moderation page.
      • Moderation details: Result of video moderation by VOD. The internal player only supports previewing videos in MP4 format. The moderation result details are displayed in the form of tags, and the moderation result and segment confidence are displayed based on the specific moderation template to help you easily adjust the confidence threshold.
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