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Error Codes

Last updated: 2021-11-10 10:59:42

    Error Codes

    Video processing

    Error Code Description
    InvalidInput Invalid input parameter. Please check.
    InvalidInput.InvalidTimeOffset Invalid input parameter: the specified time point is invalid.
    InvalidInput.DefinitionNotExist Invalid input parameter: the specified template ID doesn't exist.
    InvalidInput.ConfigurationUnsupported Invalid input parameters. Reasons include but are not limited to:
  • the user has not registered.
  • The input parameter value is invalid (due to errors in the format, value range or others).
  • The parameter template configuration is invalid.
  • No video processing task is specified.
  • InvalidInput.TaskDuplicated Invalid input parameter: duplicate task
    InvalidInput.PermissionDenied Invalid input parameter: you do not have permission to use this feature. Please apply for the permission first.
    InvalidInput.ResultFileSizeTooLarge Invalid input parameter: the spliced file is too large after inputting multiple files.
    SourceFileError Invalid source file: for example, video data is corrupted. Please check whether the source file is normal.
    SourceFileError.NoVideoMedia Invalid source file: there is no video image.
    SourceFileError.NoVideoResolution Invalid source file: the resolution of the source file cannot be obtained.
    SourceFileError.ContentMalformed Invalid source file: errors occur in the input content. For example, the file does not exist, the file is corrupted, or the media file cannot be decoded.
    SourceFileError.ContentUnsupported Invalid source file: the input file is invalid due to unsupported file format, size, duration, or other reasons.
    SourceFileError.DownloadNotAccessible Invalid source files: the files are not accessible during download. Check the availability of the source files.
    InternalError Internal service error. Please try again.
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