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Encryption and DRM

Last updated: 2022-09-02 15:47:00


    Media decryption refers to piracy where an unencrypted media file is sent to a third-party player for unauthorized playback or an encrypted media file is maliciously cracked, and the source content is played back in a third-party player. VOD offers HLS private encryption and commercial-grade DRM, both of which can effectively prevent various cracking behaviors and safeguard media copyrights.

    FeatureDescriptionSecurity LevelPlayer Compatibility
    HLS private encryption VOD's proprietary media content encryption solution. The content key is protected by Tencent Cloud's private protocol. High: It effectively prevents videos from being decrypted by various browser extensions and cracking tools. High: It supports playback on almost all mainstream devices.
    Commercial-grade DRM The copyright protection system promoted by Apple (FairPlay) and Google (Widevine). The content key is protected by the protocol designed in the DRM system. Very high: It is a hardware-level encryption/decryption solution and can meet the requirements of movie and TV content providers outside the Chinese mainland. Average: It is highly compatible with iOS, but isn't supported by some Android devices.

    Use cases

    Online education Teaching and training courses incur high production costs and have high requirements for anti-cracking and anti-piracy.
  • If your courses demand high playback device compatibility, we recommend you use HLS private encryption.
  • If you need very high security at the expense of the compatibility with some devices, you can consider using commercial-grade DRM.
  • Copyrighted TV series TV series are provided by professional copyright holders, and copyright protection is generally a requirement for this type of content.
  • For TV series produced in the Chinese mainland, we recommend you use HLS private encryption.
  • If a copyright holder outside the Chinese mainland requires DRM protection, we recommend you use commercial-grade DRM.
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