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Last updated: 2023-04-17 15:01:47

    Use Case

    Short video platforms allow users to post and share their short videos with their friends and followers on social media. Short video services typically have the following requirements:
    Quick video production and sharing
    Users record and share their lives in the form of short videos and involve themselves in video production, processing, upload, delivery, and playback. Therefore, allowing users to implement these operations quickly and easily will increase their involvement and facilitate the development of the social networking short video platform, which is one of the core needs of the platform.
    Smart media
    UGSV platforms need to be able to make personalized recommendations based on the people or groups a user follows. They also need to support subtitles so that users who are from different regions and speak different languages can understand each other.
    Compliance control
    User-generated content is diverse and may contain pornographic and other non-compliant content. It is also generated quickly and in large quantities. Unlike traditional manual moderation, which is inefficient and may overlook some content, VOD's moderation feature can quickly recognize inappropriate content to help platforms meet compliance guidelines and reduce operation costs.
    Smart switching between video definitions
    Short video platforms want to provide the highest video quality possible while guaranteeing smooth playback for viewers on mobile devices.
    High image quality at a low bitrate
    A large number of high-quality videos bring high storage and traffic costs to short video platforms, and higher bitrate brings higher bandwidth costs to viewers. Short video platforms want to be able to deliver a high video quality while also reducing bitrate as much as possible.


    Recommended VOD Feature
    Quick video production and sharing
    Leveraging Tencent Cloud's powerful upload, storage, transcoding, and delivery capabilities, VOD provides a client SDK that integrates features including video capturing, editing, splicing, special effects, sharing, and playback. You can use the SDK to quickly and easily build a mobile application and allow your users to quickly produce, edit, and publish short videos.
    Smart media
    VOD can intelligently label and categorize short videos uploaded by users and make accurate recommendations based on data such as click-through rate.
    VOD can recognize faces in videos and make recommendations based on the results.
    VOD can automatically generate subtitles for short videos to help users understand even fast speakers or speakers with accents.
    Compliance control
    VOD's moderation feature delivers a high accuracy and recall rate. It can recognize non-compliant content quickly and correctly. You can use this feature to save manpower and reduce your operating costs, especially if you host a huge number of videos that span different categories and genres.
    Smart switch between video definitions
    VOD can convert one video source to streams of different bitrates to meet playback requirements under different network conditions.
    High image quality at a low bitrate
    VOD leverages intelligent and dynamic technologies and a high-precision bitrate control model to produce HD video at a lower bitrate. This can help you deliver a better viewing experience and reduce your storage and traffic costs.
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