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Live Recording

Last updated: 2022-09-02 15:47:00


    CSS recording records live video streams as VOD files, which can be watched at any time as needed. In addition, you can also perform operations such as transcoding, screencapturing, watermarking, and encryption on recorded files.

    Strength Description
    Quick recording CSS recording provides a one-stop, reliable, and smooth CSS-to-VOD solution, which can record and store live streams in the cloud with only simple configurations required.
    Efficient recording The highly available and concurrent CSS service supports multiple live streams, real-time monitoring and preview, and convenient management and control of live rooms.
    Together with the video processing and acceleration capabilities of VOD, it can create an efficient and easy-to-use integrated solution for live recording.
    Cross-platform compatibility By leveraging on-cloud processing capabilities, CSS recording is available in a closed CSS-to-VOD loop and supports various platforms such as iOS, Android, and web.
    Diverse use cases CSS recording interconnects the core capabilities of CSS and VOD, making it suitable for different use cases such as sports event streaming and clipping, education streaming and delivery, and video moderation and playback.

    Use cases

    CSS recording is suitable for many industry-specific scenarios such as enterprise live streaming, ecommerce live streaming, and education live streaming.

    Scenario Description
    Live streamed classes CSS recording can record live streams of online education platforms and enterprise training to facilitate video management and secondary learning. It has a rich set of features suitable for training scenarios, such as recording and archiving, content encryption and replay, and pseudo-live streaming, significantly improving the training effect.
    Media live streaming Live streamed media can generally only be viewed in real time and does not allow for repeated content delivery. It also involves content compliance risks and thus live streamed content needs to be retained. After a live stream is recorded to VOD, the media content can be moderated to guarantee the content security.
    Solutions such as pseudo-live streaming are offered to ensure the security and reliability of live streams and make it easy to deliver the content repeatedly.
    Game/Sports live streaming Such scenarios have the following challenges:
  • The time when events will be live streamed may change, so viewers may not be able to conveniently watch entire events.
  • Viewers want to rewatch events after the live stream ends.
  • Live streams of events require highlight clipping, video replay, and splitting.
  • The CSS recording solution supports the following features:
  • CSS recording can be called either in the console or through APIs and allows for quick recording of live streams in a variety of ways, such as global recording and real-time recording.
  • Recordings of live streams in HLS format can be time-shifted, enabling viewers to replay earlier parts of the live stream.
  • Video AI capabilities enable quick clipping, processing, and delivery of VOD files, so that video content can be released and spread more efficiently.
  • Ecommerce live streaming The live streams of product presentations need to be retained so shoppers can watch the streams whenever they want. Moreover, shoppers entering the live room after live streaming starts may want to view earlier parts of the stream.
    SDKs are provided for different platforms to help merchants quickly set up live streaming for shopping. The on-cloud recording feature enables them to quickly record the live streams of product presentations, and the time shifting feature allows shoppers to watch previous parts of the live stream.
    After the live streaming is over, the generated video files can be transcoded and delivered quickly.


    For more information, see Recording to VOD and Processing Video.

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