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Last updated: 2024-05-13 17:49:25
The Player SDK provides video playback capabilities for live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) on platforms such as web/HTML5, iOS, Android, and Flutter. Supported features are detailed below.
Feature Module
Functional Item
iOS & Android
Playback protocol/format
VOD/live streaming
Supports both VOD and live streaming
Live streaming formats
Supports formats such as RTMP, FLV, HLS, DASH, and WebRTC
VOD formats
Supports audio and video formats such as HLS, DASH, MP4, and MP3
MP4, MP3, HLS, DASH (DASH is only supported in the premium version)
URL playback
Supports URL playback for online videos, where the URL can be used for either VOD or live streaming
File ID playback
Supports video playback through VOD file identification (FileID), including videos of multiple resolutions, thumbnails, markers, and other information
Local video playback
Supports playback of videos stored locally
Supports Tencent Cloud Live Event Broadcasting playback with millisecond-level ultra-low latency
DASH protocol
Supports DASH video playback with standard protocols
✓ (supported only in the premium version)
Panoramic VR video
Supports playback of panoramic VR video sources. Mobile devices allow finger dragging or gyroscope operations to view panoramic video content, while PC devices support dragging with a mouse to animate and view the interface
✓ (supported only in the premium version)
QUIC acceleration
Supports the QUIC transport protocol, effectively improving video transmission efficiency
(supported only in the premium version)
SDR/HDR video playback
Supports playback of SDR videos and HDR videos in HDR 10/HLG standards
H.264 video playback and software and hardware decoding
Supports playback of H.264 video sources, including software and hardware decoding
H.265 video hardware decoding
Supports hardware decoding playback of H.265 video sources
Supports playback of videos encoded in AV1 format
Partially supported
Partially supported
(supported only in the premium version)
Audio playback
Supports playback of pure audio files such as MP3
Dual-channel audio
Supports playback of dual-channel audio
Multiple audio tracks
Supports playback of video files with multiple audio tracks, allowing for switching between tracks, such as from English to Chinese
(supported only in the premium version)
Http Header Setting
When requesting video resources, you can customize HTTP Header content
Supports playback of video resources over HTTPS
HTTP 2.0
Supports the HTTP 2.0 protocol
Playback performance
Supports pre-downloading of specified video file content, and configuration of specified size and resolution for pre-downloaded video files.
Streaming with caching
Supports content caching during playback to reduce network usage. A caching policy can be set
Exact seek
Supports jumping to a specific point for playback on the progress bar. Mobile playback supports frame-level accuracy, while Web playback offers millisecond-level precision
Adaptive bitrate (ABR)
Supports ABR streaming of HLS, DASH, and WebRTC, which can automatically select the appropriate bitrate for playback based on network bandwidth
(Only the premium version supports DASH)
(DASH is not supported)
Real-time download speed
Provides real-time download speed monitoring, allowing display to end-users during buffering as needed. It is also crucial for using the ABR bandwidth prediction module
Multiple instances
Supports adding multiple players for simultaneous playback on a single interface
Dynamic frame rate adjustment
When lag occurs, a "fast forward" method can be employed to automatically catch up to maintain real-time quality during live streaming
Playback control
Basic controls
Supports start, end, pause, and resume playback control features
Basic picture-in-picture component
Supports switching to picture-in-picture for playback in a small window, with mobile support for picture-in-picture playback both within and outside the integrated App.
Advanced picture-in-picture component
Compared to basic picture-in-picture, it adds support for encrypted video picture-in-picture, offline playback picture-in-picture, and the "instant switch" effect
(supported only in the premium version)
Seek within caching
Supports not clearing Caching video during seek and allows for fast seek
Live streaming time shifting
Supports live streaming time shifting playback, with settings of start, end, and current positions and a draggable progress bar
Progress bar marking and thumbnail preview
Supports adding marker information on the progress bar and supports Sprite Thumbnail previews
Supports setting the video cover for playback
Replay, loop playback, list playback
Supports automatic or manual replay after video playback ends; also supports playing videos in a list sequentially, and even looping them by automatically playing the first video again after the last one finishes.
Breakpoint resume
Supports playback from the last stop position
Custom playback start time
Supports custom video start time
Playback speed change
Supports 0.5–3x speed change for playback, with pitch-preserving audio speed change
Background playback
Supports continued audio and video playback when the interface is switched to the background
Playback callback
Supports callback for playback status, first frame, completion, or failure of playback
Retry upon playback failure
Automatic retry upon playback failure, includes auto-reconnection during live streaming
Volume settings
Supports real-time adjustment of system volume and mute operations
Resolution switching and naming
Supports seamless and buffer-free switching of HLS video streams at various resolutions, and allows for custom naming of different resolution streams
Supports intercepting any frame of the playback screen
Supports playing videos with the preview feature enabled
On-screen comments
Supports displaying on-screen comments for the video
External subtitles
Supports importing custom subtitle files; Web version supports WebVTT format, while mobile version supports VTT and SRT formats
(supported only in the premium version)
Referer blocklist/allowlist
Supports identifying the request source through the Referer field in the playback request and controlling source requests through the blocklist or allowlist
Key hotlink protection
Supports adding control parameters in the playback link to manage link validity, preview duration, and number of IPs allowed for playback
HLS encryption
Supports AES encryption provided through HLS by using a key to encrypt video data
HLS private encryption
Supports encrypting videos in Cloud VOD's private protocol, which can only be decrypted and played through the Player SDK, effectively preventing the cracking by various browser plugins and gray-market tools
Commercial-grade DRM
Provides native encryption solutions like Apple FairPlay and Google Widevine
(supported only in the premium version)
Secure download
Supports the decryption and playback of offline downloaded encrypted videos only through the Player SDK
Dynamic watermarks
Supports adding dynamic text watermarks to the playback interface to effectively prevent piracy
Ghost watermarks
Randomly appear on the playback interface for a short time at random positions, and the video playback will automatically pause if an exceptional removal of the watermark is detected. This ensures video security with minimal impact on viewing experience.
Web security plugins
Checks the Web playback environment and status and pauses exceptional video playback to protect video security. The plugins cover MSE environment detection, security architecture check, and interface response integrity verification.
(supported only in the premium version)
Display effect
Custom UI
The SDK offers an integrated solution with UI, which provides UI-included common playback components that can be selected as needed
Screen filling
Supports choosing different fill patterns to fit the video screen size
Player size settings
Supports customizing the player size
Image stickers
Supports adding image stickers for advertising during playback pause
Video mirroring
Supports mirroring in horizontal, vertical, and other directions
Video rotation
Supports rotating video images by angle and automatically rotating videos based on the rotate parameter in the video file
Screen locking
Supports the screen locking feature, including locking rotation and hiding interface elements
Brightness adjustment
Supports adjusting system brightness during video playback
"-" means the feature is not supported or the concept doesn't exist on the platform.
'"✓" without "supported only in the premium version" means it is supported in the basic version.
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