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Value-Added Services

Last updated: 2023-08-29 16:35:04

    Application Management

    In order to enable developers to implement resource isolation in Video on Demand, Video on Demand provides application features. Application is an internal concept of VOD and a way of dividing resources. The external performance of an application is similar to an independent VOD account.
    Billable Item
    App Quantity Ladder
    Price (USD/Piece)
    Number of applications
    21 - 101 Piece (exclusive)
    101 - 501 Piece (exclusive)
    >501 Piece

    Billing details

    Billable items: Application Management
    Billing rules: In application management, the created applications are charged according to the number of applications, free of charge within 20, and the part exceeding 20 is calculated according to the peak number of applications per day (including the applications destroyed on the day).
    Formula:Application Management fees=(Number of apps created - 20)(Piece)× Applied Quantity Ladder Unit Price(USD/Piece)

    Billing example

    You use the Video on Demand application management service on January 01, create 100 applications and delete 10 applications, then the acceleration fee you need to pay on January 02 is as follows: January 01 Video on Demand application management fee = 0.016(USD/Piece)× (100 -20 )(Piece)= 1.28(USD).
    To learn more about application management, see Application Management.

    Live Clipping

    The fees incurred for editing out a clip before a live stream ends. Below are the pricing details:
    Billable Item
    Price (USD/Min)
    Billed By
    Real-time clipping
    The duration of the output file.

    Billing details

    Billable items: Real-time clipping.
    Billing rules: Fees are incurred for creating a clip before a live stream ends.
    Formula: Live clipping fees = The duration of the file generated (min) x The unit price (USD).

    Billing example

    Suppose you used the Real-time clipping feature on January 1 and generated a 100-min clip. On January 2, you would need to pay the following live clipping fee:
    0.00098 (USD/min) x 100 (min) = 0.098 (USD)
    To learn more about live clipping, see Live Stream Clipping.

    Client Upload Acceleration

    The fees incurred for using the client upload acceleration feature (global network acceleration or QUIC transmission) are based on the volume of traffic accelerated. Below are the pricing details:
    Global network transmission
    0.072 USD/GB
    QUIC transmission
    0.086 USD/GB

    Billing details

    Billable items: Global network acceleration traffic and QUIC transmission traffic
    Billing rules: Client upload acceleration fees are charged based on the volume of traffic consumed when files are uploaded from clients.
    Formula: Client upload acceleration fees = Global network acceleration traffic (GB) x Unit price (USD/GB) + QUIC transmission traffic (GB) x Unit price (USD/GB)

    Billing example

    Suppose you used the global network acceleration feature to upload 550 GB of data and used the QUIC transmission feature to upload 100 GB of data. The upload acceleration fee incurred would be 550 (GB) x 0.072 (USD/GB) +100 (GB) x 0.086 (USD/GB) = 48.2 (USD).
    To learn more about client upload acceleration, see Client Upload Acceleration.

    QUIC Acceleration 

    Based on the accelerated network deployed globally by Tencent Cloud, it supports the use of the QUIC protocol for content delivery, improving the efficiency of content delivery and stability in weak network environments when clients play videos.
    Billable Item
    Price (USD/10,000 requests)
    Billed By
    QUIC Acceleration request
    Billed by the number of QUIC requests

    Billing instructions

    Billable items: QUIC Acceleration request.
    Billing rules: When playing videos, the QUIC Acceleration function is used, and the number of QUIC requests generated is billed.
    Billing formula: QUIC Acceleration request fee = QUIC request times (10,000 times) × QUIC Acceleration billing item unit price (USD).

    Billing example

    You used the Video-on-Demand QUIC Acceleration service on January 01, and the number of QUIC requests generated was 20,000. Then, on January 2, the on-demand QUIC downstream traffic fee you need to pay is as follows:
    On January 01, QUIC Acceleration request fee = 0.0073 (USD/10,000 times) × 2= 0.0146 (USD).

    UGSV SDK License

    About UGSV licenses:
    You can apply for a 28-day trial license for UGSV Standard for free.
    The acceleration, storage, and traffic resources you use with the UGSV SDK are billed according to the billing rules of VOD.
    Licenses are not refundable once activated.


    Validity Period
    Price (USD)
    28 days
    1 year
    1 year
    To learn about the features of different editions, see SDK Download.
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