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Obtaining FairPlay Certificate Information

Last updated: 2022-12-30 16:58:31

    To use the FairPlay streaming (FPS) technology, you need to request from Apple an FPS deployment package. This document shows you how to obtain this package as well as the following information:

    • FairPlay Streaming (FPS) certificate (format: CER)
    • Private key file (format: PEM)
    • Private key password
    • Application secret key (ASK)

    Step 1. Request FairPlay Streaming Deployment Package

    1. Go to the Apple FairPlay page, scroll to the bottom, and click Request FPS Deployment Package. A form will pop up.

    You need to log in with an Apple developer account.


    1. Fill out the form and submit it.


    1. After your request is approved, you will be issued an FPS_Deployment_Package.zip package.


      When asked if you have implemented and tested Key Security Module (KSM), you can paste the answer below:

        > I am using a 3rd party DRM company and the company has already built and tested KSM

    Step 2. Create a Private Key and a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

    Unzip FPS_Deployment_Package.zip and create a password-protected private key file and a CSR file as instructed in the guide document (PDF) in the package.


    Make sure OpenSSL is installed on the computer or server environment where this process is performed.

    1. Run the command below to create a private key file (privatekey.pem):

      openssl genrsa -aes256 -out privatekey.pem 2048

      You need to set a password (preferably not longer than 32 characters) for the private key. Note the password for later use.


    2. Run the command below to create a CSR file (certreq.csr):

      openssl req -new -sha1 -key privatekey.pem -out certreq.csr -subj "/CN=SubjectName/OU=OrganizationalUnit/O=Organization/C=US"

      You need to enter the private key password.


    Step 3. Generate the FPS Certificate

    Get the FPS certificate and ASK from the Apple developer page.

    1. Go to the Apple developer page and click Certificates, IDs & Profiles in the left sidebar.


    2. Click +.


    3. Select FairPlay Streaming Certificate and click Continue.


    4. Click Choose File, select the certreq file created in Step 2, and click Continue.


    5. Copy the ASK, enter it into the input field below, and click Continue.


    6. A window will pop up to confirm that you have saved the ASK. Click Generate.


      Note: Make sure you save a copy of the ASK. You will be unable to view it afterwards.


    7. After the above steps are completed, the FPS certificate generated (type: FairPlay Streaming) will appear in the certificate list.


    8. Click Download to download the FPS certificate (fairplay.cer).



    You have now obtained the necessary FairPlay certificate information.

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