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Complex Compositing

Last updated: 2022-12-30 16:30:24


    The complex compositing feature can be used to produce audios/videos with complex editing. With this feature, you can perform various compositing operations, including image rotation, overlaying, audio mixing, volume level adjustment, splicing and clipping, and adding transitions. You can edit videos, audios, and images on an audio/video track, so as to generate a new media file.

    Feature Description
    Image rotation Rotates videos/images by certain degrees or in a certain direction.
    Image overlaying Overlays videos/images in sequence to achieve the picture-in-picture effect.
    Image scaling Scales videos/images proportionally and places them on the canvas.
    Volume level adjustment Increases/decreases the volume level in videos/audios or mutes the audio in videos.
    Audio mixing Mixes the sound in videos/audios.
    Audio extraction Extracts sound from videos (without retaining the image).
    Clipping Clips segments of audio or video within the specified time period.
    Splicing Splices videos/audios/images together in chronological order.
    Transition Adds transition effects between segments when splicing multiple videos/images together.
    Speed adjustment Adjusts the playback speed of the video or audio material.

    Use Cases

    Use Case Description
    Ecommerce sales Ecommerce platforms usually need to produce attractive product presentation videos in addition to overview images when selling products.
    News media When preparing a news release, news media outlets need to produce news videos that combine various collected materials.
    TV series promotion When a TV series is released, promotional videos generally need to be prepared to attract more viewers.
    Social media video Travel, food, and parenting vloggers produce vlogs and other content.
    Live camera broadcasting Plays back hours of security surveillance and scenic spot video footages recorded by cameras in one minute.


    For more information, see Video Compositing.

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