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Last updated: 2022-05-31 16:29:30

    Short Video Applications


    Mobile user generated short video (UGSV) apps have a wide variety of use cases in online shopping, entertainment videos, and video software. Tencent Cloud VOD provides a one-stop UGSV solution covering all stages from video generation, upload, and processing to distribution and playback. This enables you to quickly implement and launch your mobile UGSV app while focusing on your business development.

    VOD's UGSV SDK provides a rich set of features such as video capturing, editing and splicing, special effect production, reverb and subtitling, and other capabiliies. Combined with VOD's powerful backend capabilities, these make it easy for you to build your own UGSV applications. The UGSV SDK also provides:

    • Various filters, beauty filter effects, and dynamic stickers which improve the user experience of your application.
    • Options to quickly bind VOD resource packages to integrate video processing and playback acceleration capabilities.
    • UGSV demos, open-source code, and comments to help guide you through using the UGSV SDK.

    Scheme architecture


    1. Sign up for a Tencent Cloud account and activate the VOD service. For details, see Getting Started - Step 1. Activate VOD.
    2. Add a UGSV license and enter the related information into the VOD console to activate the license.
    3. Download the application source code and debug, compile, and run it. For details, see Quickly Building UGSV Application.

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