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Release Notes(Web)

Last updated: 2024-04-11 16:11:38

    TCplayer update log

    TCplayer 5.1.0 @ 2023.11.13

    New support for configuration native decoding strategy
    MacOS iOS optimize subtitle display effect
    Full scene support for loadVideoByID method
    Support for parsing wildcard domain names
    Added new server-side error codes and license-related error codes

    TCplayer 5.0.0 @ 2023.08.16 Breaking Change

    Adding a License.
    New support for VR and security environment check plugins.
    Live Event Broadcasting ABR interface adjustment.
    Live Event Broadcasting downgrade logic adjustment, added automatic downgrade.
    Open M4A.
    Optimized pseudo-fullscreen effect.
    macOS Safari supports private encryption.

    TCplayer 4.8.0 @ 2023.04.20

    New support for P2P.
    Added a switch for downgrading WebRTC.

    TCplayer 4.7.2 @ 2023.1.10

    Fixed an issue with incorrect iOS environment detection.

    TCplayer 4.7.0 @ 2022.12.20

    Added automatic asynchronous loading of dependency SDK.
    Adding Element (XML) checks.
    New support for ghost watermark.
    Improving code aliasing.

    TCplayer 4.6.0 @ 2022.11.04

    New support for multiple audio tracks.
    New support for URL-based resuming playback.
    Fixed some issues.

    TCplayer 4.5.4 @ 2022.08.26

    New support for Live Event Broadcasting ABR, updated txliveplayer.
    New support for AV1 in FLV, updated flv.js.
    New support for SDMC DRM.
    New support for unifying the auto-play blocked events in Live Event Broadcasting and Live Video Broadcasting to 'blocked'.
    New support for marker callback events.
    Fixed some issues.

    TCplayer 4.5.3 @ 2022.06.15

    New support for commercial-grade VOD DRM.

    TCplayer 4.5.2 @ 2022.04.15

    Fixed a vulnerability where videos could be stolen by hijacking MSE to bypass private encryption schemes.
    Fixed some data reporting issues.

    TCplayer 4.5.0 @ 2022.01.14

    New support for data reporting features in Live Video Broadcasting and Live Event Broadcasting.
    New support for playing MP3 audio formats.
    New support for frame synchronization capabilities under poor network conditions.
    Optimized watermark feature, supporting more configuration options.
    Fixed several issues.

    TCplayer 4.4.0 @ 2021.12.14

    New support for playing Live Event Broadcasting.
    New data reporting feature for on-demand scenarios.
    New support for playing original and transcoded media files via the v4 interface.

    TCplayer 4.1 @ 2020.07.10

    Updated the default version of hls.js to 0.13.2.
    Support for enabling the Key Hotlink Protection feature.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayer 4.0 @ 2020.06.17

    Fix preview video to keep displaying the original duration.
    Enable background quality configuration.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayerLite update log

    TCplayerLite 2.4.1 @ 2021.06.25

    New support for WebRTC stream addresses with v1 signaling.
    Added webrtcConfig parameter.
    Added events for WebRTC stutter, stutter end, and stream end.

    TCplayerLite 2.4.0 @ 2021.06.03

    Added support for the Live Event Broadcasting feature.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayerLite 2.3.3 @ 2020.07.01

    Fixed an issue where switching to fullscreen in the X5 environment causes abnormal event dispatch.
    Avoided the issue where switching HLS sources causes related events to trigger slowly, leading to abnormal cover display.

    TCplayerLite 2.3.2 @ 2019.08.20

    Updated the default HLS version to 0.12.4.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayerLite 2.3.1 @ 2019.04.26

    Added fivConfig parameter.
    Load flv.1.5.js by default.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayerLite 2.3.0 @ 2019.04.19

    Added some feature parameter options.
    Changed the parameter 'coverpic' to 'poster'.
    Destroy the flv.js instance.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayerLite 2.2.3 @ 2018.12.17

    Optimized playback logic.
    Resolved the issue where loading animation appears on iOS WeChat without triggering play events.
    Fixes for other known issues have been implemented.

    TCplayerLite 2.2.2 @ 2018.05.03

    Optimized the loading component.
    Optimized the Flash destroy method.
    Use H5 playback by default.
    Fixed known issues.

    TCplayerLite 2.2.1 @ 2017.12.20

    Added configurable definition text feature.
    Set default definition.
    Supports method to switch definition.

    TCplayerLite 2.2.1 @ 2017.12.07

    Added systemFullscreen parameter.
    Added flashUrl parameter.
    Fixed the UI issue when toggling mute at maximum volume.
    Fixed the issue where two clicks are required to play on iOS 11 WeChat.
    Fixed the issue where system styles are obscured in Safari 11.
    Adapted to the situation where seeking is triggered in the X5 kernel, but seeked is not.
    Fixed the problem where dragging the progress bar to the starting position and setting currentTime fails.
    Switching definition keeps the volume unchanged.
    Fixed the issue where the page width is 0, causing the player width determination to fail.
    The destroy method now completely removes the player node.

    TCplayerLite 2.2.0 @ 2017.06.30

    Added parameters to control the playback environment: Flash, h5_flv, x5_player.
    Adjusted player initialization logic to optimize error message effects.
    Added support for flv.js, allowing FLV playback with flv.js under the right conditions.
    Supports the x5-video-orientation attribute.
    Enhanced the logic for determining the playback environment. Parameters can now adjust the priority between H5 and Flash, and whether to enable TBS playback.
    Implemented version numbering for releases to avoid impacting users of older versions.
    Optimized the timestamp for event triggers, standardizing it to universal time.
    Bug fixes.

    TCplayerLite 2.1.0 @ 2017.03.04

    As of 2017.06.30, after several iterations of development, it has gradually become stable. Currently, unless otherwise specified in the documentation, all feature descriptions are based on this version.

    Adapter plugin update log

    Adapter plugin released @ 2021.07.16

    First release of the player Adapter version
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