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Announcement on official commercial billing of Video on Demand STANDARD_IA data retrieval and Application Management functions

Last updated: 2023-08-31 14:42:37
Tencent Cloud VOD plans to officially commercialize the billing for the STANDARD_IA data retrieval and Application Management from 00:00:00 on October 7, 2023, Beijing time.

1.The usage of STANDARD_IA data retrieval occurs in the following scenarios:

When you need to modify the low-frequency storage files to standard storage, the amount of STANDARD_IA data retrieval will be generated, which is calculated according to the actual retrieved data size.
When you need to access or download a low-frequency storage file without modifying the file storage type, if the cloud-on-demand CDN edge node does not have the file data cache, you need to retrieve the file data from the source site first. It can be read or downloaded. This operation will generate STANDARD_IA data retrieval usage, which is calculated based on the actual retrieved data size. If the cloud-on-demand CDN edge node has a cache of the file data, this operation does not generate STANDARD_IA data retrieval usage.
STANDARD_IA data retrieval price details:
Billable Item
Price (USD/GB)
Billed By
STANDARD_IA data retrieval
Calculated according to the actual retrieved data size

2.The amount of Application Management is generated in the following scenarios:

In application management, the created applications are charged according to the number of applications, free of charge within 20, and the part exceeding 20 is calculated according to the peak number of applications per day (including the applications destroyed on the day).
Application Management Pricing Details:
Billable Item
App Quantity Ladder
Price (USD/Piece)
Number of applications
21 - 101 Piece (exclusive)
101 - 501 Piece (exclusive)
>501 Piece
Before commercial billing, you can still use the above functions for free. After commercial billing, you will be charged. You can view the specific usage details through the cloud on-demand console - usage statistics. For billing rules, please check Pay as you go. If you do not If you need to use this function, please adjust it in time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely thank all users for their trust and support of this product!

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