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Last updated: 2023-08-16 11:26:55

    Product Description

    Player SDK is a comprehensive, stable, and smooth video playback service provided for VOD businesses. It helps you connect to Tencent Cloud services and build cloud-based integrated capabilities. The Player and Player Adapter are offered for VOD playback scenarios and support various platforms including web, iOS, Android, and Flutter. In addition, it comes with a variety of video playback solutions to meet your diverse requirements in different business scenarios.


    Quick Introduction

    To help you quickly understand the Player SDK, we recommend you first read Concepts of Player and quickly select the player type suitable for your business as instructed in How to Select Player before using Player and Player Adapter.


    Core Strengths

    Cloud-based integration

    Player integrates powerful VOD audio/video service capabilities and provides comprehensive cloud-based integration features to offer your business more capabilities.

    All-around video security

    Player supports video security solutions such as hotlink protection, URL authentication, HLS encryption, private protocol encryption, and offline download. It also features video security capabilities such as dynamic watermarking to help protect the security of your media assets in different scenarios.

    Comprehensive data support

    Player supports monitoring the video playback quality over the entire linkage through metrics such as playback performance, user behaviors, and file characteristics.

    Ultimate playback experience

    Player relies on Tencent Cloud's high numbers of cache nodes to provide complete video delivery acceleration capabilities with millisecond-level latency, delivering an ultrafast video playback experience.

    Diverse playback capabilities

    Player provides various features such as instant broadcasting of the first frame, buffering during playback, adjustable-speed playback, video timestamping, on-screen commenting, and addon subtitles.

    Use Cases

    Short video playback

    By integrating various VOD features, including content moderation, media asset management, seamless switch, instant broadcasting of the first frame, and interactive floating window, Player is often used in UGSV application development. For more information, see Demo.

    Long video playback

    Player integrates VOD features such as adaptive bitrate streaming, seamless definition switch, thumbnail generation, screencapturing, and adjustable-speed playback. It can be used for playback of long videos such as TV series on video platforms as well as portal development. For more information, see Overview.
    Player supports video security capabilities of VOD, including private protocol encryption, offline download, scrolling text, and hotlink protection, to help you protect your video security. For more information, see Overview.

    Live recording

    Player supports live recording playback, time shifting during live streaming, and pseudo-live streaming to help you deliver an integrated viewing experience in audio/video live and VOD playback scenarios.

    SDK Download

    To try out the Player demo, see Free Demo. To download the applicable SDK for integration, see SDK Download. To learn more about the features and capabilities of Player, see Feature Description.

    Integration Guide

    To help you quickly integrate Player, we provide a Player integration guide to describe the integration steps using demos.
    If you encounter any playback issues, see FAQs.


    More Media SDKs

    In addition to Player SDK, we also provide User Generated Short Video (UGSV) , Player and Effect SDKs to quickly meet different applications requirement. You can choose the appropriate SDK you need. If you need both MLVB, UGSV, Player functions, you can also choose the All-In-One SDK。
    Player SDK
    All-In-One SDK
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