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Last updated: 2023-05-22 15:23:57
Media upload
VOD supports different media upload methods, including upload from a client (mobile and web), upload from the server (SDKs for various programming languages are offered), upload through the console, pull from URL, and live recording.
Leverages Tencent Cloud's globally deployed acceleration network to intelligently select the optimal access point and route, significantly increasing upload speed and success rate. You can also enable QUIC transmission to reduce network congestion and latency under poor network conditions.
Media management
You can configure different attributes for media files to facilitate search and management. You can also specify how your videos are displayed to improve viewing experience.
You can use media attributes as search criteria for exact, fuzzy, and prefix matches and export the search results.
You can delete unwanted media files to reduce storage costs.
You can configure smart cold storage policies with trigger conditions such as playback count, upload time, and upload type to automatically move files that meet the conditions to a colder storage class to help you save storage costs.
Automatically reduces the bitrate of videos based on criteria such as playback count to help you save bandwidth and storage costs.
Media Processing
Transcodes audios and videos with specific codec to specific frame rate, bitrate, and resolution, so media can be played back on different devices that support different definitions and formats. You can also add watermarks and opening and ending segments during transcoding.
Top Speed Codec (TSC) transcoding uses smart scene recognition, dynamic encoding, and precise bitrate control technologies to deliver a higher image quality at a lower bitrate, helping you reduce traffic and storage costs.
Supports mainstream formats such as HLS and DASH and enables the video player to automatically select the most appropriate resolution to play based on network conditions. Adaptive bitrate streams are also the main format for advanced features such as media encryption, DRM, subtitles, and ads.
Uses restoration and enhancement AI algorithms to offer capabilities including image noise removal, outline restoration, super resolution, detail enhancement, color enhancement, and SDR to HDR conversion, while at the same time improving video resolution. You can use this feature to improve the quality of user- or professionally generated videos, restore old videos, and generate 4K videos, among others.
Scales image and crops images into circle or square in real time to meet various display requirements.
Takes a screenshot of a video at the specified time point (which can be used as the thumbnail), takes multiple screenshots at a specified time interval or sample rate, or generates an image sprite consisting of those regularly taken screenshots.
Removes the opening and ending segments of audio/video files, clips files, or splice multiple files to generate a new audio/video file.
Allows you to perform various editing operations on audio and video tracks, including image rotation, overlaying, audio mixing, volume level adjustment, splicing and clipping, and transition adding. This feature is suitable for the production of ads, news, and promotional videos.
Leverages Tencent Cloud's globally deployed acceleration network to route playback requests to the access point closest to the viewer. This reduces playback failure rate and lag rate and delivers an ultra smooth playback experience.
Based on adaptive bitrate streaming technologies including HLS and DASH, the player can switch the playback resolution dynamically based on network conditions. This allows you to deliver the best video quality possible to viewers while ensuring smooth playback.
You can bind multilingual subtitles to a video so that the player can display a subtitle as requested.
VOD offers player SDKs for various platforms including Android, iOS, web, and Flutter. They come with over 50 features such as playback speed change, progress bar, picture-in-picture, on-screen comments, definition switch, offline download, and encrypted video playback. In addition, VOD also provides a lightweight player adapter to work with your existing player.
Media AI
Uses AI to automatically convert speech in media to text and output a VTT or SRT file. The file can be directly associated with the media so that subtitles can be displayed during playback.
Leverages AI technologies to analyze media content, classify media into categories such as news, entertainment, game, technology, and food, and add labels such as game, vehicle, musician, auto racing, or pet.
Automatically recognizes faces in images based on public and custom face libraries and locates the time points and positions at which certain faces appear in a video.
Content compliance
Leverages AI capabilities to intelligently moderate audios, videos, and images for non-compliant content to help you avoid legal risks and brand damage caused by non-compliant media.
You can block non-compliant content to prevent it from being spread.
Copyright protection
Prevents playback URLs from being hotlinked, so as to avoid losses in playback revenue caused by leaked copyrighted content.
Encrypts video content to allow only authorized users to play it. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing and sharing your copyrighted content and reduces piracy.
Piracy Tracking
If a video is recorded without authorization, VOD can extract the information of the user who recorded and pirated the video, helping to identify, track, and reduce piracy.
VOD and live streaming
Records live streams so that they can be played on demand after live streaming ends.
Allows end users to drag the progress bar during live streaming to watch content from earlier time points.
Clips out a segment of a specific time period from a live stream. This feature allows streamers to quickly capture highlights during live streaming.
Streams a pre-recorded video at the specified time. This is also known as pseudo-live streaming.
Streams a list of videos in VOD at the specified time.

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