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HLS Private Encryption

Last updated: 2022-05-27 10:50:23

    HLS private encryption is VOD’s proprietary video encryption solution. It uses a private protocol to prevent key leakage and provides better protection against cracking by browser extensions and other tools.


    The figure below shows the workflow of HLS private encryption.

    1. Upload from server: Videos are uploaded to VOD via the console or using server-side APIs.
    2. Start video processing: After upload, video encryption starts (videos are encrypted according to the adaptive bitrate streaming parameters specified).
    3. Get the key: VOD gets the encryption key from the KMS module.
    4. Encrypt and save the videos: VOD encodes and encrypts the videos and saves the outputs.
    5. Update the information: The information of the encrypted videos is updated to the media asset management module.
    6. Get player signatures: The VOD superplayer, which is integrated into your project, requests player signatures from your server.
    7. Get the download URLs: The superplayer gets the download URLs of the videos from VOD.
    8. Download: The superplayer downloads the encrypted content via the URLs from the CDN of VOD.
    9. Get the key: The superplayer sends a request that carries the signature for the key, which is protected by VOD’s private protocol against leakage.
    10. Decrypt and play the content: The superplayer uses the private protocol to get the key and decrypt and play the content.


    For detailed directions on how to use VOD’s encryption feature, see Stage 4. Play back an encrypted video.


    1. How do I encrypt uploaded videos using HLS private encryption?
      VOD’s adaptive bitrate streaming feature allows you to convert a video into multiple resolutions and encrypt the content. For detailed directions, see Stage 4. Play back an encrypted video.
    2. How to play encrypted videos?
      A client must be integrated with the superplayer SDK in order to play encrypted videos. You also need to build a signature generation tool. For detailed directions, see Stage 4. Play back an encrypted video.
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