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How to Moderate Video Content

Last updated: 2022-09-15 17:41:51

    Non-compliant content may expose your business to legal risks and hurt your brand. VOD offers audio/video content moderation capabilities to help you ensure the compliance of your content.

    Audio/Video Content Moderation

    The video moderation feature of VOD analyzes your video content and gives suggestions on whether to pass or block the content.

    You can initiate audio/video content moderation in the following two ways:

    1. Initiate it in the VOD console.
    2. Call a server API for audio/video content moderation.

    Calling a server API for audio/video content moderation

    The process of calling a server-side API to initiate video moderation is as follows:

    1. The app backend authenticates the content provider and distributes a signature for upload from client.
    2. The content provider uploads the content to VOD.
    3. VOD sends information including the file ID and playback URL of the uploaded video to the app backend.
    4. VOD executes a moderation task according to the procedure parameter specified during upload.
    5. VOD sends the result to the app backend via the task flow status change notification.
    • If the moderation result is “block”, there’s a high chance that the content is non-compliant. We recommend you block the content.
    • If the moderation result is "pass", the probability of the content being non-compliant is low; in this case, we recommend you allow the content to pass.
    • If the moderation result is "review", the probability of the content being non-compliant is high; in this case, manual verification is recommended.
    1. The app backend publishes videos whose suggestion is "pass" as well as those that are given a “review” suggestion and have passed manual verification.
    2. Viewers request a playback URL for a published video from the app backend.
    3. Viewers play the video via the URL (VOD offers acceleration services).

    Steps 4-6 ensure that the video obtained in step 7 is compliant.


    In the above process, videos are moderated before being published (only videos that pass the moderation or review are published). You can also use the post-moderation mode, in which videos are published first before moderation is performed (non-compliant content detected will be removed).

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