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Last updated: 2024-01-19 16:22:50


    The Play Channel is similar to a TV channel program list. The channel supports one or more on-demand videos. After the specified start time of the channel, users can watch the videos in the channel in the form of live broadcast. During playback, fast forwarding and pausing are not possible. When there are multiple videos in the channel, there is no need to wait for buffering when playing the next video, providing a seamless viewing experience similar to live TV.
    Advantages of playing channels:
    Low development and use costs
    If you choose to convert multiple VOD videos into standard live broadcasts and push them to live broadcast channels, customers need to push the videos to the live broadcast platform through OBS software and connect to the entire live broadcast system. In addition, standard live broadcasts also require payment of corresponding push fees. In contrast, using VOD Play Channel eliminates the need to push streams and can achieve extremely low development and usage costs.
    Flexible content arrangement
    You can freely arrange the audio and video content in the playlist, including feature films or advertisements. After specifying the start time of the playlist, the audience will loop through the programs in the order of the playlist.
    Smooth playback experience
    Switching between various program contents in the play channel list without any lag, achieving a seamless viewing experience.

    Use Case

    Use Case
    Broadcast, Television or OTT
    Broadcast, Television and OTT can set up various channels, and the channels have preset program lists. Viewers can watch content from each channel online.
    Online Education
    Each play channel is equivalent to a curriculum, and virtual classes are held according to the courses arranged in the curriculum. When class time comes, students watch online courses at the same time.
    Game live broadcast
    Record the classic scenes of a group of popular game anchors or major competitions into program lists, and put them on the homepage for repeated playback to attract the popularity of the live broadcast website.

    How To Use

    Development Guide

    Call the CreateRoundPlay interface to create a playback channel:
    1. Specify the start time of the channel through the StartTime parameter.
    2. Specify the content to be played on the channel through the RoundPlaylist.N parameter.
    3. After the start time is reached, the content in the channel will be played in a sequential loop through the URL returned by the interface.
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