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Smart Moderation

Last updated: 2023-04-17 15:01:47


    The content moderation feature can help you effectively recognize non-compliant content (pornographic, violent, illegal, abusive, ads, moaning) in images, text in images, speech, and audio. Based on advanced speech, text, and image recognition algorithms and models continuously trained on massive amounts of non-compliant data, VOD’s content moderation feature delivers industry-leading recognition accuracy and recall rate, helping you ensure content compliance.

    Use Cases

    As the multimedia industry grows, more diverse content is being produced and distributed at a faster rate. At the same time, compliance guidelines are also being updated continuously. This has raised new challenges for content hosting platforms regarding moderation:
    Comprehensive: The moderation rules must be comprehensive to meet the regulatory compliance requirements without any omissions.
    Accurate: Compliant content must not be falsely flagged as non-compliant, and accurate details should be provided for flagged content.
    Quick: As large amounts of media content are generated every day, moderation must be fast so that compliant videos can be released quickly.
    Content moderation has the following use cases:
    Social media platforms
    Social media platforms, including forums, short video platforms, and vlogs, are primarily comprised of user-generated content (UGC).
    Characteristics: Fast update, large quantity, and diverse content.
    Challenges: Users want their content to be released immediately, but traditional manual moderation can hardly satisfy the requirements for quick moderation.
    Live recording
    Live streams can be delivered again after they are recorded and saved. The sources of live streaming content are diverse, including online education, shopping, and entertainment industries.
    Characteristics: Long videos, typically several hours or even dozens of hours long. The media content involves trending events in various industries.
    Challenges: Because the recording files are usually large, traditional manual moderation can be time-consuming (low efficiency) and may miss non-compliant segments (low accuracy).
    Video platforms
    Professional content production platforms, such as online video portal websites.
    Characteristics: Long videos with professional production quality.
    Challenges: With traditional manual moderation, non-compliant video segments are labeled by human moderators, which is time-consuming, and trending videos cannot be published in time. In addition, human moderators may miss content due to lack of professional knowledge, resulting in complaints.


    For detailed directions on how to use the smart moderation feature, see the following documents:
    Console Guide - Audio/Video Moderation
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